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Posted on May 14, 2018

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Rain on your South Florida Wedding Day!

Posted on June 21, 2019

This article is posted on our old blog. For additional information and more photos please click over to our new blog here:
Rain on your wedding day, additional info with photos

Every bride and groom who is getting married in South Florida dreams of a beautiful wedding day with sunny blue skies and comfortable warm weather
However, when Mother Nature has other plans, the visions of a beautiful picturesque wedding can turn into stress and disappointment. Rain in South Florida is common and just because the weather app on your phone says rain rain rain, that doesn’t necessarily mean your wedding will be a wash out. Sure, it may rain for an hour or so, However unless we are in an extended storm cycle the rain could turn into sunny blue skies soon enough.

Is it possible that it could rain all day? Sure, however having the right attitude and a creative photographer (Like myself) could insure your wet wedding could still be a fun, romantic event that will result in beautiful creative photos.

Coming from Los Angeles 15 years ago I was surprised by how often it rains here in South Florida. So as a skilled wedding photographer I decided that I’m going to have to learn just how to deal with the South Florida weather.

Since there is nothing anyone can do to make to rain go away your best option is to have a great attitude and along with your photographer, think extra creatively. It’s very important that everyone has the right attitude. When people are under stress or upset creative thoughts become blocked. Seriously, you can't have a negative attitude and be a creative thinker at the same time. If you are a bride or groom you may be thinking that’s the photographers job, and you would be correct in thinking this. However, seeing a happy bride or groom may help keep your photographers mental thinking more positive.

I always show up to my weddings early, however a wet wedding day means I need to be extra early and I need to spend even more time finding creative solutions to the limits of not going outdoors.

In my search for creative solutions I look for windows or doorways that will allow me to shoot through to the outside while keeping the bride and groom out of the wet weather. Also, having an umbrella on hand can also offer a very creative opportunity for beautiful pictures. That is, if you are willing to head outdoors for a few shots. Shooting outdoors with umbrellas will only result in a hand full of creative photo so that is not a complete solution. You photographer will need to do better than just a few creative images.

One rain related issue that effects you wedding is the fact that during bad weather most of the hotel guests can’t hang on the beach, therefore they are hanging inside the hotel, which makes the inside of the hotel more crowded. This means that your wedding photographer is going to have to be on the look out for indoor places to shoot. One of the best places to start is inside the ballroom or ceremony room. One solution could be a call to your florist with a request to have to flowers and the ceremony or reception room set up early. By using your décor as a background to your wedding photos, your photographer could create some beautiful portraits in a location that is beautiful and not crowded by hotel guests.

To read my full blog post on this topic along with creative photos taken on rainy wedding days click the link below.
Rain on your wedding day, additional info with photos

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Wedding at the Eden Roc in Miami Beach, Florida

Posted on May 4, 2019

Visit to see the full article:

Samantha and Amir had a fantastic wedding at the Eden Roc Hotel in Miami Beach Florida, For those not familiar with the Eden Roc, The Eden Roc is one of the most famous hotels in the South Florida area. Located right in the ocean this hotel offers beautiful ocean views and several fantastic pools. Located on Collins Avenue, The hotel was built in 1955 and then was renovated in 2008. It's considered one of Miami Beach Gem Hotels and a great venue to tie the knot.

BELOW: Samantha had the A wedding team at her wedding. Hair and Make-up was done be Rachel's Brides. She also had Jamie Lipman--Rodriguez o from Absolute Wedding & Event Planning as her wedding planner.

After the First Look the bride and groom spent a few minutes alone before we started shooting pictures. This photo was taken outside the Eden Roc's second floor Ballrooms. In case you are wondering the bouquet was created by Petal Productions.

Bridesmaid group hug. Rather than having all her bridesmaids wear the same dresses Samantha had each girl choose her own dress. She did ask that each girl choose bridesmaid gowns that played into the brides color scheme. This was a really fun wedding and photographing the bride and her girls was really easy. They were more than happy to jump into this group hug shot!

The wedding ceremony took place at a time very close to sundown. Since this was a Jewish wedding ceremony, tradition is that the ceremony starts a sundown and ends when its dark outside. It was a windy evening but the flowers and decor held up beautifully and the ceremony was as emotional as it was beautiful.

I have shot many many beautiful weddings in South Florida. However, the decor at Samantha and Amir's wedding was simply wonderful. Raffi from Petal Productions really did a great job with the ballroom decor!

Even though the Eden Roc was renovated somewhat recently the venue still has that look of an older hotel. Don't be fooled by the older style appearance, This hotel is as modern as they come. Here the bride and groom walk down the glass and Marble staircase which is located at the very front of the hotel.

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Pictures from our most recent weddings

Posted on April 12, 2019

Over the past few months I have photographed many weddings. In addition, I also have a new website and blog. Most of my latest photos are now being posted on my new website. If you are interested in clicking over, here is the link:
If you are happy to stick here, below are some wedding photos for you to check out.

Amanda and Zac were so nice to photograph. Amanda is one of those brides who really really cares about the photography. She hired a great wedding planner. Juliet, worked with me to create the perfect timeline. You may ask, What is a perfect timeline? A perfect timeline allows enough time for the bride to get her hair and make-up done without rushing, and still leaves plenty of time for the bride and groom's first look and for the wedding pictures.

Their wedding took place at Parkland Country club, in South Florida. Parkland Country Club has one of the most beautiful front entrances with waterfalls, fountains and even a small lake. The club house is a short ride down the road. However, Parkland Country Club always has golf carts standing by to shuttle the photographer and the bride and groom to their photography location.

After the first look we took the golf cart to the lake and fountains for a 45 minute photoshoot. When we finished taking pictures we rode the carts back leaving plenty of time for family and bridal party pictures.

As you could imagine, the flowers were beautiful and the ceremony was not only beautiful but also emotional. As a wedding photographer, I couldn't have asked for a better day, or a nice couple. If you check out my new website or my instagram feed you will find more photos from Amanda's beautiful wedding.

Ella and her Girls,
The second I walked into The Polo Club I knew this was going to be a great wedding. I always show up early and check out the ballroom. The first thing I saw was the amazing flowers and a completely draped ballroom. Now don't get me wrong. The Polo Club in Boca Raton is a beautiful wedding venue that really doesn't need draping. However, in this case the bride has decided on a color theme and a design, draping the ballroom allowed for her to include the walls into her vision. After chatting with the event planner, I went to see the bride and her girls in the getting ready room. (Bridal Room)
The bride and bridesmaids were fun, active and willing to do whatever it took to help me get the perfect shot. So, I had this idea. We stacked up the girls and made this photograph.

The photo below was taken during the wedding portrait session. Ella and Nick's ceremony took place in 1/2 of the Polo Club's huge ballroom. The wall were draped in white which made using bounce flash a no brainer. So I placed the bride and her bridesmaids closer to the white wall which allowed me the photograph them with this beautiful soft light. First I posed the girls in a more traditional standing position. Then after I got my shot, I decided to have one of the bridesmaids stand back to back with another girl. The all thought it was odd that I did this. After, I gave the girls the "Trust Me" I had them do a group hug which forced the bridesmaids together. Awkward for the back to back girls. The idea was the the awkward stance would create a situation where one girl had to fall on to the next girl. This created a fun spontaneous look. I thing this works! Ella still has the option of using the more traditional pose in her wedding album is this shot doesn't work for her. (Sorry I didn't not include the groom Nick in this post, However, you can see more of Ella and Nick in my new website.

OK - a little side note. I just spent one hour writing content for this post. I was finished and ready to post. Then after hitting the post to blog button, the website has an error and I lost everything I wrote. I wrote something about how nice it was having beautiful weather at all 3 of these weddings. I spoke about how it never rained at my weddings in Southern California, Blah Blah Blah, and how delightful the South Florida sun is on a great wedding day. This is the reason I started a new GoodGallery website and WordPress Blog. However, this old blog has so much good content that it does come up on search engines. I also have beautiful weddings posted on here. I'll keep updating it, but it's really my new blog and website that is going to see more action.
Anyway, enough complaining about this blog. It was great while it lasted.
BELOW: Lindsay and Seth has a fantastic wedding at Broken Sound Country Club in Boca Raton.
I'm always excited when I get a call or e-mail about a Broken Sound Country Club Wedding.
The photo below was taken during the First look. The First look is when the bride and groom see each other before the ceremony for the purpose of getting all the posed pictures out of the way so that the bride and groom can enjoy their wedding cocktail hour and wedding reception without having to go back and do more photos. There is many more reasons for doing the first look in addition to not having to so posed photo, but that is for another post.

Lindsay and Seth had a jewish wedding ceremony which meant that the ceremony didn't take place until after sundown. Sundown Jewish wedding ceremony's are kind of unique because it's daylight when the ceremony starts and dark by the time the ceremony is over. Wedding guest are treated to seeing the wedding canopy go from being lit by evening sun to being lit by beautiful colored uplighting or spotlighting.
You can see more of Lindsay and Seth's pictures on m new website. You can also read about their wedding here:

In addition to getting some great wedding pictures and working at Broken Sound Country Club, I'm thrilled that I also received this five star review from Lindsay and Seth!!!!

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Erica & Noam’s Lavish Destination Wedding at the PGA National Resort & Spa

Posted on March 8, 2019

We were very excited when Stacey Feldman of Peacock Premier Events approached us about the possibility of shooting Erica and Noam’s wedding. Now that it’s over, I can say that it was truly a most lavish South Florida wedding! Living in New York City, Erica and Noam planned their wedding with the help of Erica’s mom and of course, Stacey of Peacock Premier Events. Stacey managed all the details and made sure that the day unfolded as smoothly as possible. The couple didn’t have to worry about a thing. Assembling some of the best vendors in South Florida, Stacey assisted with every detail along the way and made sure to keep everyone in check.

PHOTOGRAPHER NOTE BELOW: Erica's 2 piece bridal gown hanging on one of PGA's ultra modern lamp fixtures. I find that some bridal gowns are enhanced when the light passes through the gown. Also, since this lamp used tungsten light bulbs the lamp produced an attractive warm glow. The flat side of the lamp provided a spot which made reading Bride on the custom hanger easy.

BELOW: Everyone was in Love with Erica's Jimmy Choo shoes!

The PGA National Resort & Spa is one of the premiere places for events in the Palm Beach Gardens area of South Florida. Its lush landscape and variety of ballroom facilities make it a perfect place for a top notch South Florida wedding. Often associated with golf tournaments, The PGA National Resort & Spa is popular with locals alike who are looking for a high-end local venue to host their events.

BELOW: The Spa at PGA National provided the perfect place for the Bride and Groom's First Look.

A complete vendor list is below, but here are some highlights as to who helped make Erica and Noam’s wedding the incredible event it was.

Decorating the wedding to the hilt was the work of Dalsimer-Atlas. As always, they executed the perfect vision and insured that the wedding flowers were absolute perfection.

Both AA Musicians for the ceremony and cocktail music and Mike Sipe Entertainment for the reception provided music for the event. Rabbi Michael Resnick officiated for the couple. Jennifer Johnson of Johnson’s Cakes designed the magnificent wedding cake. Her cakes never cease to amaze me! Always beautiful and equally tasty!

BELOW: Seeing Grandmother was one of Erica's pre ceremony highlights.

BELOW: This photo was taken as Erica started her walk down the aisle.

BELOW: Stacey did an amazing job creating the look for this beautiful wedding reception. The flowers were provided by Dalsimer Events.

BELOW: Nobody knows where the wedding planner "Stacey" found these amazing mirrored Mr and Mrs chairs. Since these this was a Jewish Wedding Stacey made sure the chairs had arm rests so that the bride and groom could hold on during the horah

As a South Florida wedding photographer, I have worked at a huge number of local venues and I can definitely say that in the Palm Beach Gardens area, PGA National Resort & Spa is one of the best destinations anyone can select for their affair. The staff is excellent, the food impeccable and the general facilities and ambiance second to none. South Florida is a very popular location for destination weddings – especially with people who live up north. Erica and Noam’s wedding was in December – a perfect time to escape the cold of New York City and get married down in South Florida! I am sure all their guests from up north enjoyed traveling to their wedding immensely! I was thrilled to be a part of Erica and Noam’s South Florida destination wedding and hope to be back at the PGA National Resort & Spa photographing another wedding soon!

BELOW: Custom drink coasters are always a nice touch.

Venue: PGA Resort & Spa -Nickole D’Angelo
Wedding Planner- Peacock Premier Events –Stacey Feldman
Photography& Video- Jeff Kolodny Photography & Video
Rabbi Michael Resnick
Florist: Dalsimer Atlas- David Dalsimer
Ceremony Sound Equip: PSAV @ PGA
Ceremony & Cocktail String Duo: AA Musicians- Alan Andai
Reception DJ Live: Mike Sipe Entertainment- DJ Ness
Lighting: Rays of Light- Glen MacArthur
Reception Linens Napkins: Over The Top Linens – Amanda, Julie, Rob
Reception Ghost Chairs, Dancefloor: Imperial Event Rentals – Andrea
Draping: Drapeworks- Shawn Soares
Cake: Johnson’s Cakes – Jennifer Johnson
Hair & Makeup:Jen Does my Hair- Jenny Berger,Janelle & Krystle
Chargers: Different Look- Ali , Felix, George

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