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South Florida Real Estate Photography and Videography

Posted on December 14, 2018

There is a great value in hiring a skilled real estate photographer. Buying a home is one of the most important and meaningful purchases someone can make. Not only is it a large amount of money, but it the place that they will actually live in and spend most of their time. It needs to work for the buyer on many levels – aesthetically of course, location, condition, space and many, many other aspects that are important as one makes this life changing decision.

As Isaac Klein from SipKlein Luxury Real Estate states,
"Great photography and well executed short videos can really bring properties to life. The first thing a perspective buyer sees when searching for real estate are the pictures, that's where it all begins."

BELOW: By using drone photography I was able to convey the location of this intercostal waterway home.

With this said, people are visual animals. We like to look at pictures to help us make decisions on purchases. For example, online shopping has grown tremendously in recent years – largely due to convenience, however without compelling photos of products, retailers wouldn’t be able to sell as efficiently.

BELOW: People who love to play golf would take special notice when they see a property with beautiful scenic golf course photos.

Selling a house is similar to selling lots of other products. Companies selling products spend small fortunes making their products look great. People buy partly based on emotion and nice looking photos convey to the potential homebuyer that their new home could fit their needs and style.

BELOW: Adding people to your real estate photos and video is an excellent way add emotion to your images.

As a South Florida real estate photographer, I am very familiar with the many different types of properties that are available here and some of the unique selling features that Florida buyers are looking for. Many properties in South Florida are on some body of water – be it a canal, lake or even the ocean. This is a tremendous selling feature to potential buyers and this aspect should be photographed in the most flattering way possible and from different angles, including from a drone. Another major selling feature that a South Florida real estate photographer should be used to photographing is a swimming pool and spa set up. Many homebuyers here absolutely insist on having this feature in their new home, as the weather here is warm year round. This too should be photographed in a certain precise way to show the pool’s features and beauty in relation to the home. Lush landscaping is another attractive feature to homebuyers here. An artistic South Florida real estate photographer will be able to show the palm trees and surrounding landscaping of a home from the best angles, revealing both the grounds and home itself as a tropical paradise.

Often when I’m photographing people I am told by the agent or client, something to the effect of “this is my good side.” Well did you know that homes have a good side?

A talented photographer should be skilled in finding “the good side” of a particular home. In addition every room has a “good side” as well. The placements of the windows, the location of the furniture and the direction by which the light enters the room all combine to create beautiful room ambience. However, in order to convey this ambience, the photo must be taken from the correct angle.

BELOW: A backyard pool shown next to the intercostal waterway helps the homebuyer imagine a afternoon swim after a fun boat ride.

Beautiful window light can fill a room with soft pretty lighting. However from the wrong angle, the room could appear washed out and lack detail in the furniture. Using of the proper F-Stop also plays a role in how a room looks. A wide lens opening can be used to throw undesirable looking areas out of focus while drawing attention to the more appealing aspects of a room. A small lens opening can assure that the entire room is in sharp focus.

By using carefully placed electronic flash or strobes a photographer could beautifully light a room while keeping the view through the windows looking great.

BELOW: With the help of the drone I was able to show just how close this Boca Raton Home is to the Atlantic Ocean.

Hiring a skilled real estate photographer with a great eye is one way to help assure that the home you are trying to sell receives the highest price possible. You want to more than justify the asking price of the house and having some amazing photos and video plus some drone shots can help accentuate the best aspects of the property and increase its appeal to potential buyers. These days, many potential buyers first search for homes on the internet and the more content that is posted to highlight a property, the more buyers the listing will attract.

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