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Posted on September 28, 2016

Corporations usually organize private gatherings for their employees, clients or partners with a specific objective in mind. A South Florida corporate event is usually held to accomplish two purposes: one is to give information such as in launches and conventions and second is to give guests a time to socialize and build camaraderie. The size of these event will also depend on the objective. It can be as big as a convention or small and intimate as a team building event.

With these objectives at stake, a South Florida corporate event should be executed flawlessly. Hiring an experieced and professional South Florida photographer is essential to a corporate events success since you do not want to miss capturing any important moment of the night. A key to successful South Florida event coverage is to make sure that you are able to sit down with your photographer prior and ask the following crucial questions:

(Below) - Cigar rollers are very popular at corporate functions.

1. What is the turnaround time for the photos?
Event photos usually have shorter turnaround time as they are urgently needed for press releases, newsletters or blog content. You need a photographer who can take good photos that need minimal editing to shorten the processing time. Each event requires different processing time  some events might need immediate processing the same day, while others do not require quite such a quick turnaround and a week or two will be acceptable.

2. Do you have back-up gear?
Nothing would be worse than your photographers camera breaking down at the middle of your event. Make sure your photographer has an extra camera, battery pack and memory cards. Also check with the venue if there is an electrical outlet your photographer can use in case he needs to.

3. Do you have an experience photographing South Florida corporate or special events?
A corporate event is not the time to experiment or gamble on a photographer. You need an expert who can take good portraits of people as well as action shots. An experienced South Florida event photographer should be able to cover a fast moving moment during the event or quickly pull certain key people aside for more formal or business like portraits.

Aside from the selected images posted on the photographers website, it is best that you check out the photographers gallery of completed jobs. Often photographers will post the complete photos of the corporate event they have covered so the client can easily share photos with others in their company. By looking over these photos, you will have a better understanding of photographers skill level as a whole.

(Below) - These 2 photos were taken at Boca Raton Resort & Club. During this corporate event guests were treated to a fabulous lunch at the hotels sea food restaurant. The chef showed the guests how their seafood is pulled from the ocean and prepared.

4. Do you have business insurance?
Major hotels and venues usually require a certificate of insurance from your photographer which names the hotel or venue as an additionally insured. Remember to ask about this before you find out your photographer is not allowed on the property at the time of your event.

5. Who gets the usage rights for the photos?
It is best to discuss any copyright issues with your photographer prior to the event. Often, it doesnt matter who will use the photos or where they will be used. But some big events, especially if there are celebrities involved, they might demand that their photos be copyrighted. You may ask your photographer a release of copyright so that you can use the photos freely.

(Below) Since many of the guests attending a special event are working professionals they may be in need of a commercial headshot. Often we are hired to cover the event and provide headshot's for the top executives.

Corporate events are usually held outside of the companys premises to provide a different experience for the guests. Florida has been a popular choice for many companies. The year round beautiful weather and abundance of things to do attracts a plethora of corporate events every year. Jeff Kolodny Photography is a well-known photography company based in Boca Raton, Florida and has covered numerous event photography in the South Florida area and beyond. They have covered a lot of events in Ft. Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Hollywood, Miami, Orlando and beyond. Each of these locations offer something different and special for corporations seeking to have a destination company event. Palm Beach offers a classy, upscale and chich ambiance with high end hotels and magnificent beaches. Fort Lauderdale is known also for its beaches, clubs and fabulous parties. Miami has a latin vibe and also has numerous hotels and resorts of various sizes, offering different types of amenities  not to mention, theres the world famous Miami Beach and also world class restaurants. Orlando, of course, is most well known for its large number of theme parks such as Disney World, Universal, Sea World and so many more. Its a fun city with an endless array of activities and things to do that a company can arrange for their attendees to enjoy while there for a conference or convention. Often, attendees to an event in Orlando will find a way to bring their entire family so that they may take advantage of all the fun there is to enjoy after the work time is over.

Aside from a good food and venue, it is a must to invest in a great photographer. He or she will be a great partner in making your event a success. Just make sure the photographer is well briefed on what will happen during the event and who are key people are. Event photos will not only look good on your website or newsletter but can also be a good gauge on how much your guests enjoyed your event.

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Shannon & Matty

Posted on September 26, 2016

I recently had the pleasure of photographing Shannon and Matty's South Florida engagement shoot at the Morikami Japanese Gardens. This enthusiastic couple was great to work with and we got some fabulous shots that day. Below is their story.

This particular location is one of my favorite spots in all of South Florida. It is truly picturesque and unique, between all the various gardens and the lake  this site is always a wonderful place to schedule a shoot or have a wedding.

Matty and Shannon are from the same area and were acquaintances for a while but didn't become get close until they moved to Tallahassee to attend The Florida State University where they were brought together by mutual friends (their roommates at the time). They just spent time together as friends until one day a friend of Shannons was flirting (at least what she perceived to be flirting at the time) with Matty and she got jealous and walked off - which was super confusing to Shannon at the time. Matty thought this was hysterical, in typical Matty fashion, and she was SO embarrassed. Then one night Shannon went out to a local club with a group of friends and she managed to stray away from the herd and for some reason she sent him a text that said "help! I'm lost!" and he came to her rescue! And the rest is history!

Shannon and Matty chose the Morikami for their engagement shoot site because they wanted to be outside, surrounded by water, bridges, and beautiful trees. When we suggested Morikami and they checked out the pictures online, they both loved the grounds and the many different places to take pictures. It's a beautiful place and they can't wait to go back again!

Their wedding will be held in March of next year at Stonebridge Country Club in Boca Raton. They are planning a traditional, elegant wedding full of family, friends, and love! They said that they are very excited and so glad they found me to capture these memories for them as they will cherish them for a lifetime!

Stonebridge Country Club is one of the premiere country clubs in South Florida and is a popular spot for Boca Raton weddings. Easy to reach, just off of state road 441, Stonebridge Country Club offers everything anyone would want for a classy and scenic wedding venue. The main country club ballroom is elegant and quite large and the entire complex is surrounded by a lush golf course with beautifully manicured grounds and endless opportunities for photos. Securing a golf cart to go around in helps cover more ground and allows for a wide variety of photos to be taken.

I hope you enjoy Shannon and Mattys engagement photos and we know that their wedding photos will be just a gorgeous!

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Samuel & Lauren's B'nai mitzvah

Posted on September 26, 2016

Prior to every Bar and Bat Mitzvah, I like to do a pre-shoot with bar or bat mitzvah child. It's a great way to break the ice and get the child comfortable with taking photos. Often, at a South Florida Bar/Bat Mitzvah, clients will use the photos from the pre-shoot at the party - either by simply displaying them or actually integrating them into the decor itself. Samuel and Lauren's pre-shoot was at South Beach Park in Boca Raton. We were able to get some great casual photos with both them and their entire family that day. The first few shots below were from that shoot. The party at Parkland Country Club was about a month later.

Very recently I had the pleasure of photographing Samuel and Laurens Bnai Mitzvah at one of the loveliest South Florida venues, Parkland Country Club. The family elected to have one party to honor both children, as they are only one year apart in school. Its a great way to make an already grand celebration event grander by honoring two children at once! We began the evening by photographing Samuel, Lauren and their family at the club. By the time we were finished, everyone was ready to party!

Parkland Country Club is a great place for a South Florida Bar or Bat Mitzvah, with a fabulous ballroom and an impeccable catering staff as well. Its magnificent grounds are also a terrific place for photos if both weather and time permit. The lush greenery of the landscape and expansive grounds are always a pleasure to photograph against. The interior is classy and upscale and any décor you select will work beautifully here. A South Florida Bar/Bat Mitzvah wouldnt be complete without a fabulous DJ and festive décor, and this party had both! The event itself was fun and festive with vibrant purple tones throughout the ballroom.

As a South Florida photographer, I love photographing Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, as its always a happy occasion and the family is always thrilled to take part in not just the party, but also the formal photos as well. Aside from the service, which I am not always called upon to shoot, the portraits and the party are a great remembrance of the childs passage to adulthood. With that said, I do enjoy photographing Bar and Bat Mitzvah services, as it is a unique Jewish religious experience and is very meaningful both spiritually and personally for both the child and his or her family. Capturing photos of this right of passage is always an honor, though, as mentioned sometimes it is either not permitted to have a photographer in the sanctuary OR the service is performed elsewhere where I am not called upon to photograph it.

At this particular South Florida BNai Mitzvah, I had my son Joel along with me, as he was an invited guest. I was able to see him first hand, enjoying himself during all of the party festivities with his friends. As a South Florida photographer, I found this event to be a particularly fun one for me to photograph at an incredible location with an enthusiastic and fun client to work with. Thanks so much to Samuel, Lauren and your family for allowing me to be a part of your special day!

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Why Consider and Engagement shoot? Featuring Jen and Ryan's Engagement Photo Shoot.

Posted on September 21, 2016

In those first few weeks after your engagement, life becomes a whirlwind of activity. Usually, booking a session for your engagement photos isnt the first item on your wedding to do list. After meeting with family, choosing a date and a location, the next step is choosing a photographer. Depending on your budget, you might think you and your partner can forgo an engagement session all together. Or even if it is in your budget, you might consider the session to be a waste of money.

I could write a book on all the reasons why you need to plan an engagement session. If you and your partner have never worked with a professional photographer, this is your opportunity for a trial run. Figure out your favorite pose and smile. For some people, posing in front of the camera can cause some jitters. Can you imagine those jitters showing up in your wedding photos? Any session with a photographer should come with ease. Also, many brides book trial runs for their hair stylists and makeup artists. With just one photography session, you can knock out several items on your wedding to do list. Once you complete your engagement session, you can use the photos for Save the Dates, decor or even for decoration in your wedding.

I recently photographed Ryan and Jens beautiful and exotic engagement session. The couple selected the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens as a backdrop for their photos. Since the Bride wanted a unique location for their session, the beautiful grounds was an excellent choice. While the couple doesnt currently reside in the state, they decided on a Florida Destination Wedding. The Sunshine State holds a special place in their hearts. Both have family in the state, and they visit annually.

With Jen living in Chicago and Ryan in Maryland, the two carried a long distance relationship for quite some time. After monthly visits and constant chatting, the pair knew that they had something special. This March, Jen flew to Maryland for a visit with Ryan. While on a date at their favorite wine and beer bar, Ryan arranged for a pair of glasses to be brought out to the table. Etched in one was, got down on one knee with the date. The other, will you marry me? Not only did Ryan pull off the proposal, but he had planned for Jens family to fly in to celebrate for the rest of the weekend. And the rest was a beautiful, romantic history.

Ryan and Jen will say I do iat the Delray Beach Marriott in April, 2017.

Written by, Shelby Chiasson for Jeff Kolodny Photography.

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Planning Your Dream Destination Wedding with Ease:

Posted on September 15, 2016

5 Tips from a Destination Wedding Photographer (The photo above was taken in Jamaica. The photo below was taken in Punta Cana, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC

Your wedding day should be one of the happiest and most memorable day of a your life. It requires careful planning and execution to ensure the event is a huge success. After the euphoria from the engagement has waned, the newly engaged couple is now ready to plan their dream wedding. Most couples are dreaming to say I do in an exotic destination away from home surrounded by their closest family and friends.

Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular these days as their advantage over traditional weddings is becoming more apparent. Having a destination wedding allows the opportunity for couples to have a unique wedding that is suited to their taste and budget in a place far away from home that is much more exotic. Nothing beats a celebration of love, friendship and family through marriage in the stunning beaches of the Caribbean or in a quaint village in Tuscany!

South Florida is one of the top destinations for weddings. Its warm weather and picturesque views draw thousands of weddings every year. A lot of couples who want to get married in winter time choose South Florida because of its warm and inviting weather all year round.

Jeff Kolodny, a top South Florida wedding photographer, has been successful in covering weddings in this popular wedding destination. Aside from South Florida, he has also covered numerous weddings in Mexico, California, the south of France and such Caribbean islands as Curacao, Dominican Republic, the Ocean Club in the Bahamas and Jamaica. He is willing to fly anywhere a destination wedding make take him.

Being a wedding photographer for a number of years and covering many destination weddings, Jeff has some tips on how you can make your dream wedding come true without breaking your budget. Couples planning to have a destination wedding doesnt need to worry because it doesnt need to be extremely expensive. The couple just has to carefully choose where their money will go.

1. Have a small guest list. Having your wedding away from home is the perfect reason to make it small and intimate inviting only your family and closest friends. Since attendees might be need to take a leave from work or spend for plane fare, it is best to only invite those who will truly make your wedding special. Also, fewer guests means you can spend your budget elsewhere such as getting the best menu and a great photographer. Good food will always leave a lasting memory to your guests and a great photographer is essential to capture every smile, every romantic look, every heart-warming moment during your wedding.

2. Have a weekday wedding. Having your wedding on a weekday means you will be able to get more flexibility from your vendors as far as price. Maybe they can give you a better package because your wedding is on an off day. For example, your photographer will be able to give you a better price since he doesnt have to give up his weekend weddings. Resorts and Hotels might also be less busy during a weekday.

3. Get help from the resort or hotel. A lot of resorts in the top wedding destinations usually have an on-site event coordinator that can help you with the planning and execution of your wedding. They can also refer you to outstanding vendors they have worked with in the past. This will save you time and money going through potential vendors.

4. Save on décor. Having a destination wedding will let you enjoy the blue sky, bright sunshine and often a striking view whether you choose a beach, a cliff or a mountain side. No need to rent intricate lighting or have an elaborate background, use natures beauty as décor for free!

5. Have your wedding and honeymoon in one place. Having your wedding at your dream destination means you can also have your honeymoon there! No need to have a separate budget for your honeymoon. Maybe the hotel or resort can even give you a better deal since you are also holding your wedding there. Plus, since your family are friends are also already in the location and they already took the weekend off, they might as well enjoy a mini break themselves. Just request the resort or hotel to book you in a room away from your guests to ensure your privacy.

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