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Jenni and Dean’s Miami Wedding at the Mandarin Oriental

Posted on September 24, 2012

What a truly spectacular venue for a wedding! Jenni and Dean’s recent wedding afforded me the opportunity to work at the incomparable Mandarin Oriental in Miami. Photographing this couple here was truly a treat and I made the best of what this one of a kind venue has to offer.

As a South Florida wedding photographer, I have worked at many varied locations while photographing South Florida weddings, including magnificent venues in Palm Beach to the Keys, but as far as Miami goes, the Mandarin Oriental stands out among the many other venues in the area. One of the main reasons this hotel is so unusual, is its prime location right on the bay – with simply breathtaking views of the colorful and bright Miami skyline. There is really nothing like this view anywhere and it alone is a reason to consider having your wedding at the Mandarin Oriental Miami.

Of all the cities in South Florida, Miami offers more high-end luxury resort hotels than anywhere. You’ve got three Ritz-Carlton’s, The Biltmore, The Loews and so many more. With that said, the Mandarin Oriental Miami is really nothing like any of these. With its distinctly oriental flair and décor, the hotel is chic, classy and supremely upscale all at once. I love shooting at venues that offer something different – not just a beach setting, which is prevalent all throughout South Florida. The Mandarin Oriental Miami, while not on the beach, does offer a manmade area with sand – a beach on the bay, if you will, that is a lovely place to just relax and soak in the rich atmosphere.

Jenni and Dean were great to work, as we explored the various unique backdrops that the Mandarin Oriental Miami has to offer. As we roamed around, that superb city skyline just stuck out as THE place to do some photos – so we were sure to hit that spot before the evening was over. The sparkling lights of Miami glistening on the bay is something that can’t be duplicated in many other spots in town and the Mandarin Oriental is situated perfectly to showcase this element.

Social Catering Director Kevin Tobe and his staff at the Mandarin Oriental did a wonderful job to insure that Jenni and Dean’s wedding went off without a hitch. Many thanks to Jenni and Dean for the opportunity to photograph their wedding at such a spectacular location.

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South Florida Corporate, Special Event and Commercial Photography

Posted on September 24, 2012

South Florida is a very popular area when it comes to companies choosing a location to host their corporate events. From Palm Beach, to Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale all the way down to Miami, companies throughout the country and beyond have their pick of many large hotels and venues that can accommodate large groups for nearly any type of corporate function such as fundraisers, sales meetings, award shows, corporate outings and tradeshows.

Choosing a photographer to cover these events can be a time consuming and difficult process. Often the photographer has to not only cover the events and speakers but also photograph portraits, celebrities, award shows, sales meetings, and trade shows .

It’s also not uncommon for corporate clients to require on-site printing and the burning of photo CDs or DVDs that are needed at the end of the awards show or convention. In addition, we can share your photographs online so that others involved with your convention can log in and view images as well.


One very popular location for special events is the famous Eden Roc hotel. Located close to South Beach, the Eden Roc offers a beautiful beach as well as large ball rooms and meeting spaces - just perfect for your corporate sales meetings or conventions. In addition, the Eden Roc is directly across from the intracostal waterway. An evening cruise is a great way for attendees to relax and unwind after a busy day of meetings and seminars.

One popular novelty many out of town companies like to take advantage of here is having part of their South Florida corporate event on a yacht – and there are plenty to choose from, plus numerous docking locations throughout the area. Cruising up and down the intracoastal waterway for a few hours is a real treat for groups flying in from other parts of the country where boat rides are not even possible. This is always a great time for your event photographer to capture pictures of your sales team having a great time in a more casual setting.

We specialize and do enjoy photographing South Florida corporate events of all types – I have done work for so many varied types of companies – from the medical field to fashion events, store openings, conventions, travel companies, universities, political events and so much more. Many times these events have really interesting and high profile speakers as well, so that’s an added bonus when I am photographing South Florida corporate events.


Dr. Robert Kriegel uses his water pistol to make get his point across during one of his informative and entertaining lectures.

Author of the international bestseller: "If it ain’t broke...BREAK IT!", Dr. Kriegel has been called by U.S. News & World Report one of this country’s leading authorities in the field of change and human performance. His book, "Sacred Cows Make The Best Burgers", made Business Week’s bestseller list. His latest book about innovation and “out of the box” thinking is "How to Succeed in Business Without Working so Damn Hard."

The scope and range of corporate event photography in South Florida is tremendous and our studio provides many different services, including both photography and video. Some events require that we shoot and print photos on the spot, while others simply require a disc of images to be mailed out to the company after the event. Whatever their needs, we try to accommodate as best we can and process the images quickly, as is most often required.

When selecting a South Florida corporate photographer, you should look for someone who is well established with a solid reputation and who is recommended by many prominent venues in the area. Our studio is always happy to receive inquiries for corporate event photographic services – we love meeting all the new people and learning about the different organizations and what they do. It’s not only a job for us, but often a learning experience as well. We also have several great photographers on staff, to assure that there is always someone available to shoot at the various events and hours that are required for each corporate event.

As a South Florida photographer, I enjoy photographing all different kinds of events – not just weddings and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. Corporate event photography jobs usually fall during the week – which is perfect, as most weddings are on the weekend. This means that we are most often available to accommodate companies seeking our services.

If you are looking to host your corporate event in South Florida, please give us a call – we can even help you find the perfect location given the size and type of meeting or event you are having.

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Jennifer & Matt’s South Florida Engagement Shoot

Posted on September 2, 2012

What a great couple! I recently photographed Jennifer and Matt’s Boca Raton engagement shoot at the beach. As with many South Florida portrait shoots, engagement shoots at the beach are quite popular among my clients. This particular beach is one of my favorites, as it has more than just beautiful water and sand – there are many other locations within this park that make great backdrops for an engagement or portrait shoot.

Jennifer and Matt were great sports during their South Florida engagement shoot. The weather was hot and steamy, but temperature aside, we had a great time getting the shots you’ll see here. Working with them at their engagement shoot made me all the more excited to photograph their upcoming wedding this November at the incredible Cruz Building in Miami.

It actually can be more of a challenge photographing family portrait shoots at the beach, as there are usually more people involved including small children whose attention span is limited. While the beach is definitely a prime South Florida location for portrait shoots, there are some issues to deal with – one of which is wind. South Florida beach locations are beautiful, but the wind factor can definitely impact a portrait or engagement shoot. We always suggest that women bring a hair clip to help manage flyaway hair if the wind becomes a problem.

In addition to local clients like Jennifer and Matt, many of my out of state clients often request their engagement shoots to be at the beach as well. There is just something about a South Florida engagement shoot at the beach that is really appealing and out of state clients are especially drawn to this idea. It is a real novelty to many people to have their South Florida portraits or engagement photos done at a pristine beach location - especially if they live in a landlocked part of the country where there is no beach access. Having their engagement photos done at a gorgeous South Florida beach allows them to have something unique to display at their wedding and guests just love to see these photos. They are most effectively displayed in a custom sign-in book, which is a product we offer and one that our clients absolutely love.

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