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SCUBA diving in Cozumel

Posted on June 25, 2009

My last scuba dive in Cozumel, Mexico was a blast! We started with a dive a wreck dive and then did some small (easy cave exploring.) The depth of this dive started at 60 feet and then dropped to 80 feet. During the last shot I spotted a 4 foot stingray. Since I was doing my safty stop I couldn’t move in closer. with only 300 lbs in my tank I couldn't go down for a closer look. Here is the footage, I hope you don’t find this too boring. I had a great time shooting this.

Jeff's Cozumel scuba footage from Jeff Kolodny on Vimeo.

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A Perfect South Florida Indian Wedding

Posted on June 24, 2009

WOW – what an incredible event! This South Florida wedding photographer was thrilled to photograph all of the festivities on Friday and Saturday for this most spectacular South Florida Indian wedding.

For now I want to talk about the bride and her unbelievable wedding outfits. She wore two magnificently adorned lenghas, one for the ceremony and another for the reception. She sparkled, shined and even jingled all evening. Everywhere she went people stopped to admire her beaded and bangled elegance. She was truly a sight to behold! In addition, her hands and feet were artistically covered with henna designs, another stylish tradition.

Nirav, her groom, wore traditional Indian attire until the ceremony was over and then changed into a more traditional American tuxedo. He was beaming in both outfits!

I had many inspiring ideas throughout this entire event - working with the magnificent colors reminiscent of an Indian wedding was fun and made photographing the wedding all the more exciting. As a South Florida wedding photographer, all weddings present unique shooting opportunities, so I thoroughly enjoyed each and every chance I had to capture the full essence of this wedding in all its glory.

Hiring a South Florida wedding photographer who is experienced in photographing the particular art of the Indian wedding is so important. As you look through these photos, keep in mind the skill and eye that are involved in capturing such images.

The ceremony colors were gold and red, with rose petals sprinkling the aisle. Behind the ceremony altar, the mandap, were drapes with little white lights showing through – just beautiful. The set-up really captured the colorful essence of a traditional Indian wedding ceremony. The ceremony itself was dramatic, with the bride arriving on a doli carried by a group of men. She ascended gracefully and made her way slowly to the mandap. The ceremony itself was wonderfully conducted by a Pundit who not only injected his sense of humor into the ceremony, but also took the time to explain each ritual to guests who might not have known its meaning.

Once the ceremony concluded, Neha stole away to change into her next outfit while the cocktail hour was happening. We took the opportunity to photograph both the main ballroom at this time as well as guests and food at the cocktail hour. For this South Florida Indian wedding, a cuisine was served that included both Indian and American for guests to enjoy. During the cocktail hours many Indian hors d’oeuvres were served alongside such American favorites as spinach artichoke dip. It was a fabulous and tasty combination of food – meticulously presented.

There were very elegant centerpieces set up for the reception – all with white flowers, candles hanging from the ceiling and once again that gorgeous draping with white lights behind it. Simply stunning! The floral arrangements were flawless, well put together and well suited to the room they are in. This occasion was no different. The space was at once transformed into a magical, glowing place for Neha and Nirav and their guests to dance the night away!

As the evening progressed, we took more family photos and even a large group shot of the entire wedding – we thought that would be fun for the bride and groom to have. When it was nearly midnight, we approached Neha and Nirav and asked them if they’d like to do any more photos. Although they were clearly tired, they agreed heartily! We went outside and captured some romantic shots with the Breakers in the background, and a few shots in front of the fountain as well. We were creative with the lighting, since it was really dark outside – but we got some great ones! We then decided to go inside and get a few final photos in the bridal suite. After that it was a wrap! It was an end to a truly memorable and momentous Palm Beach wedding.

As a South Florida wedding photographer, I truly enjoy photographing weddings of different cultures. It always presents new and exciting challenges for me.

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Ali & Jason’s Destination Wedding at the Ritz-Carlton Palm Beach

Posted on June 16, 2009

Although the bride’s parents live locally, this was a destination wedding for both the bride and groom who currently live in Chicago. What a fabulous destination wedding it was! They were fortunate enough to have friends and family fly in for the wedding from all over the country and even the world! It was amazing to see such a diverse group of people – from places as far away as Dubai, Peru, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Israel, Canada, Mexico and Aruba. With the Ritz-Carlton Palm Beach as their location, Ali and Jason and their guests had the best of everything – a beautiful hotel, amazing food and top-notch service. Danielle Sir Louis at the Ritz-Carlton Palm Beach and her team coordinated the event for the hotel, while Cheryl Clisby and her team were retained to handle every detail of the event before and on the day of to insure all went smoothly.

Despite some very rainy weather early in the day, Ali and Jason were excited and enthusiastic about enjoying their wedding day and just going with the flow. I had to find some creative spots to do photos, since it was pretty wet outside and the hotel was filled with people. At some point during the day, things began to dry out so we ventured outside a little to get a few shots, including a large group shot of their bridal party. As a South Florida wedding photographer I have learned to adjust to whatever the weather situation might be – spring can definitely be rainy here and one needs to be able to work around that and still create amazing images. I am sure that while planning their Ritz-Carlton Palm Beach wedding, Ali and Jason took into account the fact that the venue would provide them with many amazing locations to do their pictures.

A few wedding details: Ali’s stunning gown was by Amsale, while her shoes were Cole Haan (fitted inside with Nike Air!) The groom’s tux was by Armani and the bridesmaids’ dresses were by Jenny Yoo. Drew T rocked the reception – guests were dancing late into the night! Ali said that Drew T added a Latin flair to his music selections that was really important, given that many of her side of the family came from Peru. The floral arrangements were designed by Dalsimer.

We want to thank Ali and Jason and their families for being so terrific to work with on this very special occasion.

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Julia and Aaron’s Destination Wedding at the Breakers, Palm Beach

Posted on June 11, 2009

Recently Albert photographed Julia and Aaron’s fabulous destination wedding at the Breakers in Palm Beach. Julia and Aaron live in Kentucky and planned their wedding with the help of Julia’s mom. In addition, for extra assistance they hired Erin of Erin Lynn Events to help coordinate the details and be present on the day of the event.

As a seasoned South Florida wedding photographer, Albert is always anxious to work as much with possible with the bride and groom to capture as many unique and fun images as he can on their wedding day. With the magnificent grounds and interiors of the Breakers as his backdrop and a very willing bride and groom, this was a perfect combination! Working at the Breakers, Albert has said, is truly inspiring. There are so many different and picturesque spots to photograph at that one almost doesn’t know where to begin! Albert used his creative eye to find locations where he could create some unusual and extraordinary photos. Many thanks to Julia and Aaron for their enthusiasm and cooperation while doing all these photos – we are sure they will love the results!

For their Breakers wedding reception, Julia and Aaron chose the magnificent Circle Room. Though you have probably seen other photos of the famed Circle Room on our website, one never ceases to marvel at its beauty. Plus, the overall feel and ambiance of the room changes with each event. This is due to the unique talents of the Breakers Design Studio. In addition to the beautiful white bridal bouquet they created for Julia, the Design Studio team created spectacular décor for the wedding reception in the Circle Room. The gorgeous topiaries were adorned with hanging glass bulbs with little candles in them that created a nice glow in the room.

Just look at this room - like a dream!

Julia and Aaron share their first dance together as husband and wife.

There's nothing fishy about this! It's almost too pretty to eat!

Horseradish crusted filet mignon - Breakers style!

A slice of wedding cake is accompanied by berries and this cute ice cream "sundae." OOOO - too yummy!

The Breakers Design Studio decorated this already sumptuous wedding cake to perfection.

Albert creates art as Julia and Aaron share a kiss...

Thanks to Katie and everyone at Weddings by the Breakers for another amazing event! A special thank you to Julia and Aaron for being so wonderful to work with – Albert had a great time!

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The Importance of a Family Portrait

Posted on June 10, 2009

As a photographer for many years now, I appreciate and am still totally fascinated by the history of photography and how it has evolved. Consider, for example, the style of family portraits. I love looking at old photos of family portraits and find myself noticing just how the people are posed, the expressions on their faces, and the surroundings in which the portraits were taken. It’s funny, sometimes, as people are rarely smiling in some of these old photos – it is as if they have been told to stand really still and not move at all!

Though they may appear stodgy by today’s standards, these old photos are an amazing testament of family history that we should treasure and look forward to passing down to the future generations. Fortunately, the evolution of digital photography has made restoration, preservation and distribution of these old photos possible. These photos become treasured pieces of a family’s history.

As a South Florida wedding and portrait photographer, I enjoy the opportunity to photograph families frequently whether at weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs or during separate portrait shoots. The family portrait has become a standard at events and large gatherings where extended family members may be present. Also, family portraits are sometimes specifically requested at many of the South Florida weddings that I photograph. It may not just be the bride and groom’s family, but we have had other guests with family members there request this photo as well. It seems that many people realize the significance of capturing these special moments for the future.

Family portraits are sometimes best photographed at the family’s most familiar surrounding, the home. Many people also like to include beloved family pets in the photos as well. Being a South Florida photographer, it is no surprise that many people here request their family portraits to be done at a beach setting, indicative of their home state. No matter where a family chooses to have their portrait taken, it promises to be an event that they won’t soon forget and will be glad they did years on down the road. We’ve had clients who literally look forward to their family portrait as an “event” for all to participate – they plan their matching outfits and everything

If you are interested in having a South Florida portrait photographer photograph your family, please give us a call. We offer reasonable shooting rates and there is no obligation to purchase a minimum quantity of pictures.

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