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Jeff’s “Grand Slam” South Florida Wedding Weekend

Posted on December 25, 2008

Marlee and Alex’s Harbor Beach Marriott Wedding – December 12, 2008

We couldn’t resist the reference above, seeing that our groom from last Friday is a professional baseball player who plays in Japan! Alex and Marlee’s South Florida wedding at the Harbor Beach Marriott in Fort Lauderdale was truly amazing. The ceremony room was completely draped with flowers hanging down and the room was bathed in blue light – it was just like a winter wonderland. Benny of Daniel Events created the breathtaking décor, as you will see from these photos.

The bride, Marlee, worked for Mike Sipe who provided the entertainment for the evening. Mike was there with many of his team, enjoying the festivities! Jan from Boca Bridal was on hand to assist with the bride’s gown throughout the evening. The staff at the Marriott Harbor Beach was also extremely helpful throughout the event.

One of the coolest features of this South Florida wedding was the groom’s cake. The cake featured an exact replica of the groom’s Cadillac Escalade, Alex and his Dad playing baseball and their trading cards. Very neat!

Thanks to Marlee and Alex and everyone involved for a grand evening!

Just before the "First Look", Marlee put on a show for Alex from behind a frosted glass door.

Marlee's wedding dress came from Boca Raton Bridal

What a winter wonderland - here in South Florida!

Benny from Daniel Events did an amazing job with the decor - simply breathtaking.

Is this neat or what? Plexiglass filled with flowers integrated into the cake!!

Check out this groom's cake! Very Cool.

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Kari and Jeff’s Fisher Island Club Wedding – December 13, 2008

Posted on December 24, 2008

What a gorgeous location! All of Fisher Island is beautiful, but a wedding at the Fisher Island Club is uniquely spectacular. Also referred to as Vanderbilt Mansion, the Fisher Island Club is exclusive and wonderful for those who have the opportunity to visit it. This South Florida wedding was meticulously planned by Guerdy Rejouis of Ocean Florists Ocean Florists who did an incredible job putting everything together as well as creating the floral designs.

A South Florida wedding on Fisher Island is a very special affair for sure. Most people who live in Miami have never even been to this exclusive location. The details of the wedding were magnificent, as was the backdrop of the Miami skyline and charming architecture that surrounded us.

Enjoy the photos to get a glimpse of Kari and Jeff’s magical Miami wedding on Fisher Island!

I thought this was a funny shot.

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"Flippin' amazing. That's all I can say. Absolutely ridiculous."

Posted on December 19, 2008

Quote above from Matthew, one of Albert's happy grooms.

Photos below from Matthew and Suzette's Wedding at the Doubletree Ocean Point Resort and Spa

What a great couple! Matthew is originally from Toronto and Suzette’s from St. Lucia, but now they live together in New York City. Albert was thrilled to photograph their South Florida destination wedding at the Doubletree Ocean Point Resort and Spa which is right on the water in North Miami Beach. The weather was nice and hazy, so it was a perfect day for outdoor photos and Albert did a great job capturing the couple around the hotel’s grounds and beach area. Matthew and Suzette are always a pleasure to work with and were great sports and totally enthusiastic about their photos and the Doubletree Ocean Point Resort and Spa has some really wonderful areas to do pictures.

Jeff had the pleasure of photographing Matthew and Suzette’s engagement photos in New York City back in August – you can check those pictures out in the slideshow section of our blog.

"Hey Albert, I can honestly say that I have got zero work done today because I have been looking at our wedding pictures all day. If I get fired I'm blaming it on you."


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The First Look

Posted on December 19, 2008

Tradition used to dictate that a groom didn’t see his bride in her wedding gown until she walked down the aisle. Like so many other wedding traditions, this one no longer stands and I have to say, planning a “First Look” really is a better plan. When you are planning a wedding in a place a beautiful as South Florida you want as much time to enjoy it as possible.

Here is the set up. I arrange a private location for you to meet and since I do so much wedding photography in and around South Florida I know them all. I set it up for the groom to see his beautiful bride for the first time much as would happen at a traditional ceremony. The difference is, instead of doing it in front of several hundred people, you are in private and truly free to express those most intimate emotions. The only one there besides you is me, briefly, to capture the look on the grooms face and the light in his eyes. I then leave you alone.
Once the couple has had a few minutes to savor the moment we can capture all of the posed shots while everyone is still at their freshest and most relaxed. This also has the added benefit of no one having to rush. Your guests aren’t waiting for you to arrive at the reception and your bridal party isn’t anxious to head out for food and drinks. I am truly able to capture all those shots for you in the best possible environment.
Another advantage to having a “First Look” is that you won’t miss the cocktail hour you worked so hard to plan at The Breakers or the Ritz Carlton or any one of our other gorgeous South Florida locations. After the ceremony your guest will want to congratulate you and you will want to enjoy your party. This way you don’t have to stop in the middle for an hour or more to get the pictures that you want. They are already done.
From my point of view as the person you have hired to capture the moments of your wedding day, it is easier to let the day unfold naturally after the ceremony instead of having to interrupt you to get the needed shots. I can spend more time one on one with you and get the best shots possible. After the ceremony, I find that most couples are anxious to move on and want to rush through the photo shoot. This solves all that.
The thing I hear consistently from couples that have chosen to do a “First Look” is how relaxed they were afterwards. One of the secrets to great upscale wedding photography is having a relaxed bride and groom to photograph.

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Fabulous Food at The Ritz-Carlton Palm Beach

Posted on December 19, 2008

Some times it’s about the wedding dress, sometimes it’s about the view; but for Michelle and Brian it was all about the food. This delightful couple was so excited about the food that the Ritz- Carlton Palm Beach was preparing for their November wedding that they definitely wanted to be sure I got the shots. In fact, by Michelle’s request, Danielle M. Sir Louis, the wedding planner at The Ritz Carlton got me special permission to photograph the chef as he plated the entrée’s. I have to tell you the aroma of the Herb Roasted Chicken, Citrus Glazed Mahi-Mahi and the Truffled Potatoes had even me impressed.

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