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South Florida Special Event Photography

Posted on March 18, 2019

As a South Florida special event photographer, I am aware that there are usually certain tips and a checklist that I follow when photographing an event or corporate function.

BELOW: Fine Cuisine is often a feature of high end corporate events. Often companies what to show their top people a really great time and fine food is a great way to achieve this. As a Miami corporate event photographer, photographing the display of fine cuisine shows where the company money was spent.
Incorporating the company name and logo into the ice display is a great way for a company to maximize company ad space.

BELOW: If you are going to celebrate your companies achievements then why not start by having a model hand your top sales staff or important clients a fresh glass of champagne.

When photographing a speaker, one must have a keen sense of timing in order to capture the speaker with a nice, flattering expression. The photographer needs to shoot enough shots throughout in order to achieve this. Many people are quite animated when they speak and are often unaware of either silly or strange facial expressions they might make, so taking enough photos during the speech is imperative to insure that enough decent expressions are captured. It is also great to be able to capture hand gestures when photographing speakers and presenters. This adds a nice animated touch to the photos and makes them look less stagnant.

ABOVE AND BELOW. These 2 photos were taken at a Charity Event in Boca Raton, Florida. Often charity events will include some sort of educational lecture. Your South Florida Corporate Event Photographer should make it a point to photograph the speaker and the chart. Placing the speaker in a location that doesn't interfere with the chart is important. Equally important is the photographers skill of using enough flash to light up the speaker yet still allow the chart to appear clearly.

An essential piece of equipment to use when photographing speakers is a long fast telephoto lens. It is necessary as it allows the photographer to be a distance away and still be able to achieve a close, well-composed shot.

Many Corporate events feature live entertainment. As you can see in this blog post, Special Events in South Florida feature all kinds of unique and interesting entertainment. Over the years I have photographed events that include Belly Dancers, Fire Eaters, Synchronized Swimmers and celebrity entertainment.

BELOW: I photographed these fire dancers at a corporate event in Orlando. During the outdoor cocktail hour the event guests were treated to this amazing display of dance and fire.

It is important to shoot some fun group photos without going overboard. The client will expect to see their attendees having a great time, socializing, exchanging ideas etc. The peoples’ faces should be visible in the photos, not mostly the backs of heads. One thing to be aware of is that after several days of photographing the same people at an event, it becomes evident that some people tire of having their picture constantly taken. At this point, the photographer must use some restraint when taking the photos and/or use a long telephoto lends to capture the attendees unposed from a distance. Once again, hand gestures and some action is good to try to capture in this situation.

BELOW: On the spot printing. Otherwise know at Step and Repeat photography, Photographing guests and having finished printed photos ready by the end of the event is very popular. For this corporate event not only did we shoot the portraits and print the photos, we also inserted the finished photos into custom frames.

Below: Corporate event decor: Photographing decor at a corporate event is also important. Many Miami Corporate events are all about business and having a good time. However, some events also include fancy upscale decor. In the event your Palm Beach or Miami event includes fancy decor it should be photographed.

Photographing all the signage at an event is also very important. Sponsors and companies pay big bucks to have their company’s information and ads posted around a trade show or convention. Often the company attendees don’t get to spend time looking and checking to see that their advertising dollars were put to good use. Having photos of sponsors’ advertising at a special event is very important, especially if the sponsor decides to look through the photos for proof of advertising after the fact. As a South Florida special event photographer, I am always very judicious about photographing not only all the signage at an event, but also the décor and overall look and ambiance that is present. The signage and décor are a huge expense and companies holding events like to have a record as to what everything looked like to assist in future event planning as well.

When hiring a photographer for a special event, trade show or corporate function, seek to find a photographer who has the ability to tell the story through pictures. Since photography itself has no sound, the photographer should be experienced in using a visual only medium to convey the story.

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Posted on February 19, 2019

If you are planning a corporate event or company gathering of any sort, South Florida is a great place to host it! With its endless selection of venues – both on the water and off, everyone will appreciate South Florida events in your business. Many people who attend corporate events in South Florida also bring their families and make a whole vacation out of it by extending their trip to enjoy everything there is to enjoy here.

Aloha Theme Events are very popular here in South Florida. The photo below was taken at a special event in West Palm Beach. Attendees played golf During the day and were treated to an Aloha Theme Event at night.

We offer corporate and event photography and video coverage for all types of events and activities including awards galas, corporate sporting events (such as golf), sales and marketing meetings, team building activities and much more. Having professional photography and/or video coverage of your events is a great way to share the experience with all employees and have a great record of everything that was achieved during the get-togethers.

BELOW: Capturing hand gestures during a conference. This photo was taken at the Boca Raton Resort and Club.

Corporate events in South Florida are unique in the sense that we have many beautiful beach areas here that can be utilized in various ways – beach parties and games and as a wonderful spot for a large group photo. We have often been called upon to shoot an overhead group shot with our drone. The companies usually have a professional company write something in the sand such as their company name or a message and then we position all the employees around that for the shot.

BELOW: Push up booth. This photo was taken during a special event beer bash at PGA National. Sometimes getting down low is the best way to photograph the action. For this photo the camera was sitting on the convention flow and tilted up just enough the capture the attendees face.

As a South Florida event photographer, I have seen all kinds of corporate events and special acts. One popular entertainment act here is to have synchronized swimmers at an event. It’s something we can do here year round, so it has become popular with corporate events and parties to feature this type of entertainment. Some corporate parties have elected to have us shoot portraits of guests usually against a special backdrop they create and then print out the photos that night and give them to the guests in custom frames or folders. This is a really nice souvenir or take-away for the attendees. People seem to love this goodie.

BELOW: Photographing convention speakers is one of the top assignments a special event photographer will be required to handle. To do this well requires skill and timing. The key is to get a photo of the speaker looking good while he or she is lecturing. If the photographers timing is off then the photographer will get the speaker making a funny face. You can't just take one photo of the speaker with his or her tongue hanging out. The photographer has to keep shooting until the perfect image is captured. One word of caution. If the photographer shoots too much then the speaker may become distracted or annoyed. The skill is in getting the right shot with the least amount of distraction

For any sort of corporate gathering, it is a great idea to contact an experienced South Florida event photographer to capture all the moments. Your attendees and your boss will definitely appreciate it. Whether it’s a beach event, a sporting event, or events that are entirely indoors, capturing all the activities is a definite plus. We always photograph lots of groups of people so that the attendees are accounted for, plus the speakers and all of the main event features. Often companies will request that we prepare a selection of photos to be shown the next day in a slideshow. It really gets the people pumped to see themselves on the screen along with other colleagues. We are also always sure to photograph the details – whether it’s the décor, food, prizes, awards – whatever it might be.

Given that South Florida is an ocean / beach culture, many special events have synchronized swimmers as entertainment. This photo was taken during a special event at Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort.

BELOW: South Florida offers a huge variation of cultural events as well as many different clubs and activities. This was taken during a karate event in Palm Beach.

As experts in the South Florida event market, we are always happy to help! If your company is thinking about hosting a meeting or event here, feel free to give us a call. If necessary, we will be happy to help you find the perfect location for the type of event you will be hosting. After that, we obviously provide the best photography and video service and also perhaps point you in the direction of other vendors you will need to help make your gathering a huge success!

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South Florida Real Estate Photography and Videography

Posted on December 14, 2018

There is a great value in hiring a skilled real estate photographer. Buying a home is one of the most important and meaningful purchases someone can make. Not only is it a large amount of money, but it the place that they will actually live in and spend most of their time. It needs to work for the buyer on many levels – aesthetically of course, location, condition, space and many, many other aspects that are important as one makes this life changing decision.

As Isaac Klein from SipKlein Luxury Real Estate states,
"Great photography and well executed short videos can really bring properties to life. The first thing a perspective buyer sees when searching for real estate are the pictures, that's where it all begins."

BELOW: By using drone photography I was able to convey the location of this intercostal waterway home.

With this said, people are visual animals. We like to look at pictures to help us make decisions on purchases. For example, online shopping has grown tremendously in recent years – largely due to convenience, however without compelling photos of products, retailers wouldn’t be able to sell as efficiently.

BELOW: People who love to play golf would take special notice when they see a property with beautiful scenic golf course photos.

Selling a house is similar to selling lots of other products. Companies selling products spend small fortunes making their products look great. People buy partly based on emotion and nice looking photos convey to the potential homebuyer that their new home could fit their needs and style.

BELOW: Adding people to your real estate photos and video is an excellent way add emotion to your images.

As a South Florida real estate photographer, I am very familiar with the many different types of properties that are available here and some of the unique selling features that Florida buyers are looking for. Many properties in South Florida are on some body of water – be it a canal, lake or even the ocean. This is a tremendous selling feature to potential buyers and this aspect should be photographed in the most flattering way possible and from different angles, including from a drone. Another major selling feature that a South Florida real estate photographer should be used to photographing is a swimming pool and spa set up. Many homebuyers here absolutely insist on having this feature in their new home, as the weather here is warm year round. This too should be photographed in a certain precise way to show the pool’s features and beauty in relation to the home. Lush landscaping is another attractive feature to homebuyers here. An artistic South Florida real estate photographer will be able to show the palm trees and surrounding landscaping of a home from the best angles, revealing both the grounds and home itself as a tropical paradise.

Often when I’m photographing people I am told by the agent or client, something to the effect of “this is my good side.” Well did you know that homes have a good side?

A talented photographer should be skilled in finding “the good side” of a particular home. In addition every room has a “good side” as well. The placements of the windows, the location of the furniture and the direction by which the light enters the room all combine to create beautiful room ambience. However, in order to convey this ambience, the photo must be taken from the correct angle.

BELOW: A backyard pool shown next to the intercostal waterway helps the homebuyer imagine a afternoon swim after a fun boat ride.

Beautiful window light can fill a room with soft pretty lighting. However from the wrong angle, the room could appear washed out and lack detail in the furniture. Using of the proper F-Stop also plays a role in how a room looks. A wide lens opening can be used to throw undesirable looking areas out of focus while drawing attention to the more appealing aspects of a room. A small lens opening can assure that the entire room is in sharp focus.

By using carefully placed electronic flash or strobes a photographer could beautifully light a room while keeping the view through the windows looking great.

BELOW: With the help of the drone I was able to show just how close this Boca Raton Home is to the Atlantic Ocean.

Hiring a skilled real estate photographer with a great eye is one way to help assure that the home you are trying to sell receives the highest price possible. You want to more than justify the asking price of the house and having some amazing photos and video plus some drone shots can help accentuate the best aspects of the property and increase its appeal to potential buyers. These days, many potential buyers first search for homes on the internet and the more content that is posted to highlight a property, the more buyers the listing will attract.

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Posted on September 28, 2016

Corporations usually organize private gatherings for their employees, clients or partners with a specific objective in mind. A South Florida corporate event is usually held to accomplish two purposes: one is to give information such as in launches and conventions and second is to give guests a time to socialize and build camaraderie. The size of these event will also depend on the objective. It can be as big as a convention or small and intimate as a team building event.

With these objectives at stake, a South Florida corporate event should be executed flawlessly. Hiring an experieced and professional South Florida photographer is essential to a corporate events success since you do not want to miss capturing any important moment of the night. A key to successful South Florida event coverage is to make sure that you are able to sit down with your photographer prior and ask the following crucial questions:

(Below) - Cigar rollers are very popular at corporate functions.

1. What is the turnaround time for the photos?
Event photos usually have shorter turnaround time as they are urgently needed for press releases, newsletters or blog content. You need a photographer who can take good photos that need minimal editing to shorten the processing time. Each event requires different processing time  some events might need immediate processing the same day, while others do not require quite such a quick turnaround and a week or two will be acceptable.

2. Do you have back-up gear?
Nothing would be worse than your photographers camera breaking down at the middle of your event. Make sure your photographer has an extra camera, battery pack and memory cards. Also check with the venue if there is an electrical outlet your photographer can use in case he needs to.

3. Do you have an experience photographing South Florida corporate or special events?
A corporate event is not the time to experiment or gamble on a photographer. You need an expert who can take good portraits of people as well as action shots. An experienced South Florida event photographer should be able to cover a fast moving moment during the event or quickly pull certain key people aside for more formal or business like portraits.

Aside from the selected images posted on the photographers website, it is best that you check out the photographers gallery of completed jobs. Often photographers will post the complete photos of the corporate event they have covered so the client can easily share photos with others in their company. By looking over these photos, you will have a better understanding of photographers skill level as a whole.

(Below) - These 2 photos were taken at Boca Raton Resort & Club. During this corporate event guests were treated to a fabulous lunch at the hotels sea food restaurant. The chef showed the guests how their seafood is pulled from the ocean and prepared.

4. Do you have business insurance?
Major hotels and venues usually require a certificate of insurance from your photographer which names the hotel or venue as an additionally insured. Remember to ask about this before you find out your photographer is not allowed on the property at the time of your event.

5. Who gets the usage rights for the photos?
It is best to discuss any copyright issues with your photographer prior to the event. Often, it doesnt matter who will use the photos or where they will be used. But some big events, especially if there are celebrities involved, they might demand that their photos be copyrighted. You may ask your photographer a release of copyright so that you can use the photos freely.

(Below) Since many of the guests attending a special event are working professionals they may be in need of a commercial headshot. Often we are hired to cover the event and provide headshot's for the top executives.

Corporate events are usually held outside of the companys premises to provide a different experience for the guests. Florida has been a popular choice for many companies. The year round beautiful weather and abundance of things to do attracts a plethora of corporate events every year. Jeff Kolodny Photography is a well-known photography company based in Boca Raton, Florida and has covered numerous event photography in the South Florida area and beyond. They have covered a lot of events in Ft. Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Hollywood, Miami, Orlando and beyond. Each of these locations offer something different and special for corporations seeking to have a destination company event. Palm Beach offers a classy, upscale and chich ambiance with high end hotels and magnificent beaches. Fort Lauderdale is known also for its beaches, clubs and fabulous parties. Miami has a latin vibe and also has numerous hotels and resorts of various sizes, offering different types of amenities  not to mention, theres the world famous Miami Beach and also world class restaurants. Orlando, of course, is most well known for its large number of theme parks such as Disney World, Universal, Sea World and so many more. Its a fun city with an endless array of activities and things to do that a company can arrange for their attendees to enjoy while there for a conference or convention. Often, attendees to an event in Orlando will find a way to bring their entire family so that they may take advantage of all the fun there is to enjoy after the work time is over.

Aside from a good food and venue, it is a must to invest in a great photographer. He or she will be a great partner in making your event a success. Just make sure the photographer is well briefed on what will happen during the event and who are key people are. Event photos will not only look good on your website or newsletter but can also be a good gauge on how much your guests enjoyed your event.

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Awesome special event at The Breakers.

Posted on January 21, 2015

South Florida is a very popular spot for large companies to host their corporate gatherings such as annual sales meetings and conventions. In addition, some companies choose to host more involved company-wide events here. Large holiday parties and corporate celebrations are often held here in South Florida where the weather is conducive to being outdoors all year long.

We recently photographed a very large corporate event held at The Breakers Palm Beach. The event coincided with the holiday season, so it served several purposes for the (anonymous) hosting company. Due to the wide range of activities scheduled for this event as well as the large number of people, The Breakers Palm Beach was the perfect venue to host the function. Many different spaces both inside and outside the hotel were utilized to fulfill the needs of this party. There was a awards ceremony hosted indoors as well as a sit down dinner complete with all kinds of magnificent entertainment. A fabulous cocktail party was thrown on the Ocean Lawn complete with music, hors’doevres, fire dancers and even a “step and repeat” wall in which guests were able to have their portraits taken and then pick them up later as they were displayed at a truly over the top dessert bash!

For guests attending this event from northern parts of the country, it had to have been a real treat to be able to enjoy being outside for part of this party. With temperatures at a very comfortable level, guests were able to mingle, socialize, have their photos taken and enjoy the fine drinks and food – and not be all bundled up in winter coats! Guests especially were thrilled at being able to retrieve their photos in a beautiful customized picture frame with the company’s logo. It was a lovely gift to serve as a memento of a night to remember.

As one of our tasks was to photograph all the food that was served, we hope that these photographs will bring you the full scope of just how elaborate this party was on every level. The food, flawlessly prepared by The Breakers, was nothing short of spectacular. Every dish delectable and the dessert buffet was beyond words! Literally every type of goody you could imagine was available – from donuts to custom flambés, to ice scream sundaes, mousses, cakes and more. You name it – it was there and more tempting than ever! In addition, there were liquors, all kinds of coffee drinks and a cigar roller. No detail was forgotten.

As a South Florida corporate event photographer, I have to say that this was one of the most magnificent events I’ve ever photographed. Kym Bichon of The Breakers did an incredible job managing and coordinating all of these many, many details. There were lots of vendors to work with, plus the hotel staff and of course her client. We loved being a part of this event and hope to work with this team again in the future. Enjoy these photos!! I think they truly show what a great place The Breakers is to host a corporate party that’s beyond impressive – it’s an experience that nobody is likely to forget.

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