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Gabrielle & Jeff’s Engagement Shoot at the Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa

Posted on June 5, 2014

I recently enjoyed photographing Gabrielle and Jeff’s engagement session at the magnificent Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa. They decided on this location for their engagement photos, as they are getting married there next year and knew the place had everything they would want to use as perfect backdrops for their photos. It’s the perfect choice for a South Florida destination wedding. Cheryl Clisby, wedding planner extraordinaire, will be planning and managing this fabulous South Florida wedding.

This gorgeous couple from New York City was an absolute pleasure to photograph. As a South Florida wedding photographer, it is always refreshing to work with couples from somewhere else that visit South Florida and are excited to be here and enjoy shooting in our tropical landscape. Of course, we made great use of the pristine South Florida beach right outside the hotel for some of their pictures.

In addition to roaming around the stunning interior of the Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa, we also made good use of the spa as well. The spa there is a great place for a South Florida wedding photographer to take amazing shots. I just love the swings over the pool of water – what a unique spot! There are just too many great places to shoot at this venue to mention. We did have some fun getting a bicycle out for some shots, strategically shooting with a Bentley in the background

As far as a wedding venue, the Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa is one of the classiest and most unique in all of South Florida. Formerly the Ritz-Carlton Palm Beach, the new Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa has established itself also as a 5 star luxury resort, but not stodgy or “old-school.” It has almost a more relaxed atmosphere to it, yet while maintaining an elegant ambiance with every amenity imaginable. The weddings we have photographed there since the Eau became the Eau have been nothing less than fabulous and we expect Gabrielle and Jeff’s wedding to be exceptional as well! If their engagement shoot is any indication, I know I will LOVE working with Gabrielle and Jeff at their upcoming wedding – we are going to get some killer shots for sure. I am very much looking forward to photographing their South Florida destination wedding next spring at the one and only Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa!

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Brittany & Paul’s Parkland Golf & Country Club Engagement Shoot

Posted on May 12, 2014

Today I received a wonderful hand written "Thank You" note from a couple who's engagement pictures I recently photographed. Brittany and Paul’s engagement shoot was at Parkland Golf & Country Club. The location, with all its lush greenery was the perfect backdrop for this South Florida engagement shoot. Brittany and Paul were great to work with and their enthusiasm really comes through in their pictures.

Although there are many great locations for a South Florida engagement shoot, Parkland Golf & Country Club is definitely one of the best spot. This venue is a great option for your wedding day as well, with its top notch catering department and lovely ballroom facilities. The grounds are a main attraction affording an amazing setting for gorgeous wedding and/or engagement photos.

Brittany and Paul’s South Florida wedding will happen at another fabulous venue - the Harbor Beach Marriott in Fort Lauderdale. This fabulous beachfront hotel is another incredible spot for a South Florida wedding. The gorgeous ballrooms and pristine beach setting allow for some fabulous photo taking opportunities! We always love working there and are very much looking forward to Brittany and Paul’s upcoming wedding later this year! A Harbor Beach Marriott wedding is truly something to look forward to. The amazing professional catering team and attention to detail that this hotel provides are second to none. Looking forward to Brittany and Paul’s fantastic South Florida wedding this November.

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Nicole & Danny's South Florida Engagement Shoot

Posted on March 13, 2014

Among the myriad of decisions to be made for your wedding is that of choosing your wedding photographer. You want someone who can capture the vision you have for your day, who can make your family and friends feel at ease and who will leave you with beautiful photos that serve as reminders of your big day. Ensuring that your wedding photographs are a reminder of all the love, romance and beauty of your day requires using the best photographer you can find.

Once you have selected your photographer, scheduling an engagement shoot is a fun and easy way to get to know the photographer and get an idea of how they work. Not only are you going to get some wonderful pictures of you and your fiancée, you’ll get to see firsthand how the photographer will shoot your wedding. Developing a rapport with your photographer before the day of the wedding will ensure that you are all comfortable working together – and your pictures will reflect the true spirit of the day.

Danny and Nicole knew that they wanted to encompass their love of South Florida into their wedding, and selected the Four Seasons Palm Beach as their wedding venue. It was fitting, then, that for their Palm Beach engagement shoot they chose Worth Avenue. This beautiful and luxurious area in Palm Beach boasts of delightful beachfronts, the lush plants and palm trees that South Florida is known for and charming ‘Old Florida’ style architecture and details. Showcasing the celebration of their love by capturing the elements of Palm Beach in their photos is a fantastic way to utilize their South Florida engagement shoot. They will have beautiful pictures of themselves in the environment they love, and they have a clear indication of how their wedding pictures will turn out.

A bit more about this gorgeous couple – Nicole and Danny met three years ago in Knoxville, TN while Nicole was in graduate school and he was working at a local television station. They hit it off immediately, spending their time traveling, attending sports events, pursuing their love of warm weather, the beach, and ocean and made the move to South Florida. Danny continued his career as a Marketing Consultant, and Nicole began hers as a Dermatology Physician Assistant. His marriage proposal was perfect – on the beach at sunset, following by a surprise dinner with both of their families. The next step was to look for a wedding location that encompassed everything they love. When they visited the Four Seasons Palm Beach, they knew this was the place where they wanted to get married! The couple thought the resort grounds were beautiful, the staff inviting and the location perfect – right on the ocean. We have to agree – the Four Seasons Palm Beach is the perfect location for a spectacular Palm Beach wedding! The venue exudes class, style and the service is impeccable. We can’t wait to photograph Nicole and Danny’s wedding later this year!

Your South Florida engagement shoot can reflect the charm and unique qualities shared between you and your future spouse. Elegant Worth Avenue is one of the many possibilities for engagement shoot locations that you can choose from. The pristine Palm Beach shoreline practically begs for photographs to be taken of it, and gardens are another wonderful location for a Palm Beach engagement shoot. Outdoors or indoors, formal or casual - the choices are limitless. The most important aspect of your shoot is that it be true to who you both are. Discuss with your photographer what ideas you may have about location and arrangements, and ask for any suggestions they may have as well.

Basing your decision on price sheet and a portfolio doesn’t give you a true indication of how the photographer will work with you on your special day. Scheduling your engagement shoot early in your engagement gives you a great way to share your happy news, and is a ‘sneak peek’ at what your wedding photos will look like later. With a little planning now, your walk through memory lane later will tell the beautiful story of your own personal romance – in photographs. Hiring an experienced wedding photographer like Jeff Kolodny will ensure you get beautiful photos of your special day – whether it is your engagement shoot or the wedding itself. You enjoy the day – we’ll capture every moment

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Another successful engagement!

Posted on October 27, 2013

Dear Jeff & Robin,
When I saw your email this morning it totally brought back our experience with Jeff! He was truly amazing. He made us feel sooo comfortable and Pamela still talks about the whole surprise and especially the photo shoot, we had a blast!!!
Pamela and I have been looking at our pictures for the past hour and we are relieving our special day all over again We are so happy with the final pictures. Jeff has done such an amazing job capturing our moment.

We can't thank you enough.
Best regards
Pamela & Stephane

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Alina & Rafael’s Palm Beach Engagement Shoot

Posted on March 20, 2013

I recently had the pleasure of photographing Alina and Rafael’s engagement shoot in downtown Palm Beach. What a truly magnificent location for an engagement shoot. A hot spot all its own, Palm Beach, Florida is unlike any other area in the state. Playground of the ultra rich and famous, Palm Beach is beautiful and lush with a pristine coastline and world famous Worth Ave which is great for photography and for all of your high-end shopping needs.

Beach lovers will enjoy the wide and inviting beach located just off Ocean ave.

For Alina and Rafael’s Palm Beach engagement shoot, we began on Worth Ave. and worked our way in and out of the alleyways, taking advantage of all the natural beauty, architecture and unique features we encountered along the way. Eventually making our way down to the beach, we had a great time shooting photos along the way – there was literally an endless selection of backgrounds to shoot against. As a South Florida wedding photographer, I recognize an amazing location when I see one – and Palm Beach never disappoints. Whether photographing a Palm Beach wedding or engagement shoot, the immaculate and lush setting of Palm Beach makes for some incredible photos.

Now, for some information about our attractive bride and groom – this is paraphrased from Alina’s own words.

Their journey began not to long ago when Alina and Rafael finally locked eyes on January 1, 2012, just a few hours after the New Year arrived. They spent every weekend together building on their magical chemistry. Their passion for one another developed into a daily eternal bond, as their love for each other only grew stronger and more stable with each moment that passed. They did their fair share of traveling throughout the year together, but one vacation came to be as unforgettable as any couple can dream up. Alina and Rafael became engaged on 12/24/12 in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec. Even though their real journey together is only beginning, Alina and Rafael feel extremely blessed and fortunate to have found themselves to be married this fall. They are looking forward to sharing our wedding day with the ones they love and cherish the most, their closest friends and family on October 19, 2013.

Often brides and grooms will choose Palm Beach as their destination wedding location. Wedding guests can choose from a very nice selection of hotels all local to the Palm Beach area. The Breakers, Palm Beach and the Four Seasons, Palm Beach are just two fantastic hotels local hotels. If your guest are ok taking a short drive south the Ritz-Carlton, Palm beach is another very popular hotel with an amazing beach for your wedding guests to enjoy.

The couple enlisted Joni Scalzo of Your Special Day by Joni to help coordinate their big day. With Joni at the helm, Alina and Rafael’s wedding is sure to be a magnificent event!

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