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Professional Food Photographer in South Florida

Posted on February 21, 2012

Food photography can enhance your catering business, restaurant, or pre-packaged food business and is becoming an increasingly important commercial medium. If you are looking for South Florida food photography, look no further than us.

Just think back about the last time you flipped through a cookbook. What caught your eye first of all? Was it the text and print? Or was it those delicious, mouth-watering photographs of delicious food? Yes, the photographs came first. They’re what made you want to look up the recipe and maybe even end up buying the book.

That’s what food photography can do for your business as well. It can highlight your catering or restaurant business and add tremendous promotional value. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. A high quality photograph of a delicious food item from your menu will remain in people’s minds for a long time to come.

You should also consider hiring a professional food photographer if you sell frozen pre-packaged meals – especially online, since you will need an experienced photographer who can make your food look more appetizing than your competition’s products. When looking at the food online is the ONLY opportunity a potential customer has to determine whether or not they want to try your products, those pictures had better make the food look appealing and appetizing. It can make all the difference between a sale or no sale.

Food photography is a special art that involves numerous skilled techniques. Knowing how to use lighting is especially important. The right light ensures that the food photographed will have the best appetite appeal for customers. Often natural lighting is best and makes food look most natural.
There is a lot that goes into preparing food for a photo shoot. That’s why a food stylist is so important. A food stylist is someone who can expertly arrange and display food items. It takes someone who’s meticulous and has great skill. An experienced food stylist makes all the difference in professional food photography.

Not only is the way the food is arranged on the plate important, but the context that the food is displayed in is also important. It sets the mood and adds atmosphere. You don’t want a cluttered, crowded arrangement that’s confusing. But a single glass, flower or colored napkin nearby can enhance the display a lot.

Food photography requires knowing how to think and work quickly because food can soon lose its delicious appearance. It tends to melt, wilt, collapse or lose color. But experienced food photographers know how to work around this and will already have their photo in mind, the lighting set up and their camera focused. Sometimes they’ll use a stand-in or prop to get their focus and lighting just right. Then when the food dish comes in, everything is already prepared for a perfect photo shoot.
A perfect photo shoot is what you’re after in food photography. And that’s our goal, too - perfect food photos that will enhance and bring out the best in your restaurant or catering menus.
Food photography is an advanced photographic skill and when you avail of our food photography services, you are assured of the very best. We have specialized in professional photography for weddings and private parties throughout South Florida for many years. If you are looking for an experienced food photographer for your catering business, restaurant, or pre-packaged food business please feel free to call us.

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Halloween Cuisine from the Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach

Posted on October 31, 2011

From a very recent lunch at the Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach.

Baby pumpkin (Pumpkin patch) butternut and pumpkin risotto with crispy sage & spicy walnut.

Maple pecan crusted chicken supreme with pumpkin and parsnip mousseline and haricot vets and toasted pumpkin seeds.

Scary Cupcakes created by the lucky guests!

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Vacation Cuisine

Posted on September 27, 2011

I thought you would enjoy seeing some photos from our recent vacation. As you might already know, food photography is one of my passions and I took every opportunity on this trip to photograph as many delicious dishes as possible. Yes - the food was as tasty as it looks! I have thrown in a few other photos too to give an idea as to the atmosphere of the trip and some of the sights we saw. The first two photos below show the beautiful Disney Magic docked in Tortola and a yummy gourmet pizza made with gorgonzola cheese and grapes - a really delicious combination.

I can't tell you how many windows we passed in Barcelona with magnificent displays of baked goods and various croissants. Here is just an example of two of those fabulous displays. It makes you just want to grab one and start chewing!

Below, a typical Spanish breakfast menu including lots of chocolate (xocolata) items! To the right is a colorful salad with 3 different kinds of smoked meats.

This delectable tuna sandwich and cafe latte was one of the first meals we had in Barcelona. So savory and delicious!! I just had to photograph this one - it's one of the most colorful tuna sandwiches I've ever had. Just look at those roasted peppers and olives.

Tapas! We also had this along with the tuna sandwich. Yes, there was a bit of over eating, but there were 5 of us sharing!! Not as bad as it seems... The shrimp was so taste and those roasted green peppers were both sweet and spicy.

This salad was really good. That big mound on top is actually goat cheese! The dressing was some sort of honey mustard vinaigrette. So good!

Two more inventive salads. The first included bacon and goat cheese piled atop some greens with a vinaigrette. The second was a tower of greens with tomato and marinated tuna on top. Amazing!

This tasty appetizer was also a gem. It includes shrimp with pesto, tomato and some sort of cheese. All I can remember is that it was absolutely DEEElicious!

On the left is the typical Spanish bread served at every meal. It seemed to be a light spread of tomato and olive oil on top. Much more interesting than plain old butter. The dish on the right was a very different mix than what we are used to eating. Instead of just plain wasabi with the raw tuna, this dish included sliced green apple beneath - it was almost like a slaw, then some fresh, thick pieces of tuna topped by some greens.

Gnocchi!! I believe this variety had spinach inside. Very rich and truly mouthwatering.

At the same place we had the gnocchi, someone ordered the juicy and incredibly seasoned filet mignon on the left. This was so amazing that even our 7 year old ate it and was making yummy noises. He rarely can be coaxed into eating steak, but this one he was NOT turning down. The dish on the right was fish mixed with other seafood including the incredibly unusual cuttlefish eggs. Don't ask. The rest was fabulous!

There is Joel enjoying his warm chocolate milk at breakfast at a cafe. On the right is a chocolate mousse dessert with all kinds of goodies on the place. As you might have guessed, we have a lot of chocolate lovers in the family!

A shot of lovely Madeira, Portugal. This magical island is basically made of volcanic rock, so the landscape and mountains are incredibly picturesque. In addition to food photography, I also enjoy photographing interesting places and scenics.

This was a magnificent Chilean Sea Bass entree at Palo, Restaurant on the Disney Magic. At least 3 people in our party ordered this one. So tender and tasty. One of the best fish dishes I've ever had. Just look at how they do they vegetables. As you will see, there is so much attention to detail in the preparation of all the meals.

More entrees at Palo. Luscious lambchops on the left and lobster and pasta on the right.

Another shot of an old highway that is no longer used in Madeira. Until recently, this road was the only way to get around.

Even the main dining rooms on the Disney Magic produce impeccable dishes. The dish on the left was a "lighter" entree, a colorful salad with extra large and juicy shrimp. On the right is a tasty seared tuna appetizer. We have lots of tuna lovers here too.

Lamb "spare ribs" or something of that sort on the left and on the right, well, that needs no description. Look at the size of that magnificent lobster tail! Below, is a blini appetizer- mini pancakes filled with a smoked salmon mixture. This was a good one!

Once again, Madeira. What an awesome place!

Eggs benedict galore at Palo during their totally decadent brunch.

This picture perfect spot is The Baths at Virgin Gorda in the British West Indies. Quite a trek to get there, but so worth it! The water is crystal clear and the place is truly idyllic.

Various dessert on the Disney Magic. No, we did not finish everything! Tasting never hurt anyone.

Look at the yummy, yummy caramel stick think on the left. The whipped cream, mouse and chocolate basket shell just made this the perfect dessert.

Love this one - chocolate soufflé at Palo! They include a choice of either chocolate or vanilla sauce AND ice cream. The absolute best dessert ever and a favorite of our group.

The workmanship and details on the chocolate pieces never ceased to amaze me. They had everything from Mickey Mouse shaped chocolate garnishes to customized PALO chocolate swirls below. These pieces just melt in your mouth. I could eat just that element of the dessert and be happy. Well almost. And check out the cookie spoon on the right. Unbelievable.

On the last night, the servers paraded through the dining room with flaming baked Alaska desserts. Then, of course, we were served this special dessert - a favorite on cruise ships.

There it is - the Disney Magic's baked Alaska dessert complete with a sweet meringue cookie on top. What a perfect ending on the last night! Of course, we ordered a birthday cake as well - since one dessert is never enough!

All pictures were taken by Jeff Kolodny using the New Fuji X100

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Posted on June 7, 2011

We recently attended a cocktail party at the fabulous Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Miami. Aside from its amazing location right on the bay, the hotel offers an absolutely first rate array of food and desserts. Here you will see a tasty variety of hors d’oeuvres and desserts that were presented that evening.

Many thanks to Victoria Chase and the staff at the Mandarin Oriental for creating such a breathtaking evening and of course, the marvelous munchies!

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Gourmet Cuisine by The Breakers

Posted on February 9, 2010

If you have never been to an event at the Breakers in Palm Beach you will want to once you feast your eyes on these colorful and mouth-watering dishes that we recently photographed at a special tasting.

Aside from the first rate ingredients used in each dish, there is much time and effort, not to mention, talent in creating the actual presentation to guests. Take, for example the Giant Martini Sundae. Once you look past the mountain of ice cream before you, below it sits a variety of sweet toppings all sitting in little chocolate cups. You can practically inhale the entire dessert with your eyes! But that wouldn’t be satisfying enough, now would it?

Such inventive appetizers as the South African lobster tail with zucchini and sweet corn pudding timbale, mini ahi tuna taco hors d’oeuvres with margarita shooters and corn fritters perched atop mini beer mugs are enough to make one beg for more. The surprise and delight of marrying alcohol with food, is done to perfection here. What better to go with ahi tuna tacos than a tasty margarita? Corn fritters with beer is way more sophisticated here than what you’d think.

The most beautifully presented and interesting appetizer in our opinion is the Red Delicious apple filled with Emmenthaler fondue. This scrumptious combination is both flavorful and enticing as the melted cheese sits inside the apple just waiting to be dipped into by an eager (and lucky) guest.

I have photographed many weddings at the Breakers and the cuisine is always served to perfection – no matter whether the hosts have selected chicken, beef, fish – each dish is delectable and exquisitely plated. Cuisine at the Breakers is more than just about the food – it is art unto itself. Masterfully created, deliciously designed and standalone in quality, the Breakers cuisine never fails to tempt and titillate all the taste buds in the room.

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