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Lauren & Allen’s South Florida Wedding at The Epic Hotel

Posted on March 16, 2013

Lauren and Allen met at the University of Florida in July, 2006. Lauren’s brother, Brett and Allen were best friends and fraternity brothers at Tau Epsilon Phi, but the couple had never met before. That summer, Lauren attended UF’s summer B program and stayed in her brother’s apartment while he interned in New York City. Brett’s two friends, “Heff” (groom) and Comiter were his roommates, but became Lauren’s roommates that summer. The rest is history.

Allen proposed to Lauren in September, 2011 in New York City while they were visiting for the U.S. Open tennis tournament.

I was thrilled when Lauren’s parents first contacted me about their wedding earlier last year. The couple had chosen The Epic Hotel for their Miami wedding because they just loved the floor to ceiling windows in the incredible ballroom the hotel offered. Already familiar with The Epic Hotel, I knew that there were many beautiful spots to create amazing pictures.

Lauren looked absolutely gorgeous for her South Florida wedding. Wearing a gown by Priscilla of Boston and shoes by Adrienne Vittadini, Lauren simply glowed all evening. As Lauren described it, their unforgettable wedding night was filled with amazing energy, love, the greatest friends and family and very funny heartfelt speeches. It was sheer bliss.

As a South Florida wedding photographer, I truly appreciate it when a bride and groom are enthusiastic about taking photos – and Lauren and Allen were magnificent. We had a good amount of time to roam around the hotel and capture some of the fabulous shots you’ll see here. As I was shooting, I tried to feature Lauren and Allen around the unique features of The Epic Hotel, as they clearly selected this hotel for all of its unique attributes.

Whether you are planning a South Florida wedding or more specifically a Miami wedding, you must check out The Epic Hotel. The hotel is owned by Kimpton, a well known hotel brand that specialized in cool boutique hotels. This particular location, The Epic Hotel is located in central Miami and is not far from the Port of Miami, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, The Miami Convention Center and many more points of interest.

Many thanks to Lauren and Allen and their families as well as Lourdes Ramos at The Epic Hotel for a fabulous wedding and truly EPIC event!

Jeff Kolodny Photography, Inc.

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A Tale of Two Amazing South Florida Weddings! Susie & Micha and Jennifer & Andrew

Posted on February 8, 2013

A little over two years ago I was lucky enough to photograph Susie and Micha’s fabulous South Florida wedding at Woodfield Country Club. This amazing wedding was followed nearly 2 years later by Susie's brother Andrew and his lovely wife Jennifer's wedding. While both weddings were beautiful each wedding had special unique qualities. I'm thrilled that I can share each wedding on my blog. The first post here is from Susie and Micha's wedding and the following blog post is from Andrew & Jennifer's wedding which took place at the Ritz-Carlton, Coconut Grove.

Susie and Micha decided to see each other before the ceremony. This way all the casually posed pictures could be taken before they got married and the couple was able to enjoy the cocktail hour after the ceremony.

Here is "The Reveal" otherwise known as the "First Look" - seeing the bride in her wedding dress is always an exciting moment for the groom.

Weddings at Woodfield Country club in Boca Raton, Florida are always special. Woodfield Country club has so many beautiful locations that making gorgeous pictures is always a snap. I often receive calls from brides looking for a beautiful wedding location for their destination wedding and I always suggest Woodfield Country Club as a great choice.

The Girls!!

Signing the Ketubah

The eye dropping décor was created by the incomparable work of Xquisite Events. Xquisite Events in Boca Raton is well known for producing unique floral designs. Over the years I have photographed many destination weddings in which Xquisite events provided the decor.

It's always a treat photographing weddings with so many flowers and unique decor. Event planner Sara Renee did a wonderful job working with Xquisite Events and Woodfield Country Club. I must admit the ballroom looked amazing.

As usual the dance floor was nonstop action due to the music being provided by Beth and Command Performance.

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Andrew & Jennifer's Miami wedding at the Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove

Posted on February 8, 2013

A little over two months ago I had the pleasure of photographing Andrew and Jennifer's wedding at the Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove. Andrew and Jennifer’s wedding was a festive, beautiful event. The beautiful arrangements by Xquisite Events really made this Miami wedding special.

As a South Florida wedding photographer, it is very gratifying to be asked to photograph a second wedding for the same family. Only 2 years ago I photographed Andrew's sister Susie's wedding. (See Susie & Micha's wedding.) With that said, I was both flattered and excited when I received the call about Jennifer and Andrew’s wedding.

While both weddings had some similarities, they were also quite different. Woodfield Country Club in Boca Raton is a gorgeous country club location with magnificent grounds and a fabulous ballroom. The Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove is settled right smack in the center of the lovely neighborhood of Coconut Grove in Miami. It’s location is prime and the venue is just breathtaking with cool looking furniture and interesting architectural aspects as well.

Out by the fountain in the courtyard of the Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove.

Photographing a wedding at the Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove is uniquely special. This South Florida venue offers a wide range of interesting visual settings
and awesome photographic possibilities. In addition the hotel's beautiful decor, it also happens to be located in one of the most fun and fantastic neighborhoods in South Florida. Coconut Grove is a wonderful neighborhood because it's loaded with great restaurants and lots of shopping which makes it a great choice for a destination wedding. Guests traveling to Miami for a destination wedding can always find something to do in Coconut Grove, Florida.

Rabbi Dan doing his thing again!

Xquisite Events does it again!

If you are planning a destination wedding in South Florida and need an amazing decor company then you should check out Xquisite Events in Boca Raton. Joni Scalzo of Your Special Day by Joni worked with closely with Xquisite events to create the special ambiance Jennifer and Andrew wanted.

Beth and Command Performance rocked the evening with tune after tune. Party on!

There are many options and choices if you are looking to have either a Boca Raton Wedding or a Miami Wedding. The number of locations and venues is literally endless. While there are some country clubs in Miami area for sure, Boca Raton is known for the large number of country clubs that are part of larger housing developments and many of these are very popular for people having South Florida Weddings. Some of these country clubs require that you live in the development in order to host an event there, while others do not enforce that stipulation. Miami, on the other hand, has an incredible number of hotels to choose from. In the Coconut Grove area, there really are only a few other hotels besides the Ritz-Carlton, but when you venture out of that area to South Beach, Coral Gables, Miami Beach and downtown, there are a huge number of hotels to select from. The atmosphere in each of these neighborhoods is completely different. Andrew and Jennifer specifically were looking in the Coconut Grove area which also offers great shopping and restaurants for their out of town guests to enjoy. There are specific reasons for choosing any one of these Miami neighborhoods for a wedding. A South Florida wedding in Boca Raton is a different story. Most of the venues are not on the beach, but rather inland with just a few nearby beach areas, yet the number of country club options inland is plentiful and allows for a difficult choice when selecting a location for a South Florida wedding.

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Ilene & Moises’s Miami Wedding at the Westin Colonnade

Posted on January 16, 2013

I recently had a wonderful time photographing Ilene and Moises’s traditional Jewish wedding at the Westin Colonnade in Miami. This couple has been terrific to work with – we had great fun from their engagement shoot all the way through their wedding day! Working with them to coordinate their wedding to perfection was Joni Scalzo of Your Special Day by Joni.

Ilene and Moises’s reception was in the highly distinctive Rotunda room of the Westin Colonnade. There is literally no other room like this anywhere in South Florida. If you are having a South Florida wedding and are looking for someplace different – not just your average ballroom, the Westin Colonnade in the Coral Gables section of Miami offers this very special round room that is really quite spectacular. It was rendered even more spectacular featuring lovely décor by Daniel Events, who provided all the floral designing for this wedding. Furthermore, Leyani Linens and Draping added an additional special effect to the already magnificent Rotunda room.

The party was fabulous, with Junior’s Band playing the night away. Guests were on their feet, dancing to their heart’s content! Ilene looked radiant in a Vera Wang dress, her make-up created by Fernando Fandino and her hair by Carolina. Both Ilene and Moises were enthusiastic subjects and we were able to roam through the hotel and get many great shots.

The Westin Colonnade is a great place for a Miami wedding. Located in the heart of the Coral Gables section of Miami, the hotel offers many amenities and it has been described as “neoclassical” in design and the Rotunda room “historic.” It is definitely one of the more unique hotels in the area. The only other two major hotels in Coral Gables are The Biltmore and the Hyatt Regency – both of which are completely different than the Westin Colonnade. The actual neighborhood of Coral Gables offers so much – great shopping and restaurants abound and it’s just a really pretty area of the city.

As a South Florida wedding photographer, I do enjoy working in many different venues and the Westin Colonnade is always a pleasure to work at. The interesting architecture appeals to my creative side and my imagination runs wild with cool ideas for shots. There is a plethora of venues all over the Miami area, so it’s nice to work in as many different ones as I can.

A huge thank you to Ilene and Moises for the opportunity to photograph their wedding and also a thank you to Joni for organizing things so brilliantly!! Always a pleasure!

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Cool Wedding Ring Photography - Unique wedding ring photos!

Posted on January 10, 2013

We all know that traditional wedding shots are a must-have on your wedding day. How about adding some fun in your wedding album by trying a few creative ideas? On your wedding day, your photographer has a lot of things in mind and even more moments to capture. One of the things that your Florida wedding photographer must not forget is to photograph your wedding rings. Getting creative with the shot is crucial because the ring symbolizes your love and union. It is a must to be featured in your wedding album. Here are some of our favorite wedding ring shots:

An experienced Florida wedding photographer must not only take a simple picture of your rings, but also portray them in a rather artsy way that describes you as a couple. Using props seen at the pre-wedding or reception is also a good way to take creative ring pictures. Using a little bit of imagination helps! Planning ahead and telling the photographer what you want and how you want it done can give photographers ideas on how to execute what you have in mind. This is why a discussion before the wedding is always important. If you hire the right Florida wedding photographer, he/she will use their imagination and know-how to produce unique photos throughout your wedding day – but will also know just how to photograph your rings in the most interesting and appealing way possible. Often, wedding décor is used as a pleasant backdrop for ring shots – this can mean anything from the flowers, cake, invitation or any other distinct facet of the wedding itself.

I love coming up with different ring shots if possible at each and every wedding I photograph. I find that brides and grooms actually look forward to seeing what I come up with! This is one of the most gratifying aspects of my profession as a Florida wedding photographer. Deciding where and how to shoot the rings is a challenge I really enjoy. Sometimes what I come up even surprises me!

The bottom line is that you should enjoy your wedding day without having to worry about a single thing by hiring a professional Florida wedding photographer – especially one who knows how to take killer ring shots!

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