Mary Ann Farina: Jeff, Carolyn forwarded me your e-mail. What a treat!!! THese are some of the most beautiful photos I've seen of wedding moments. You are a wonderfully talented photographer. It was difficult to choose only 3 ...and so I choose 3,16 and 20. I do love the way you bring the background surroundings into the pictures to beautify and enhance the overall effect Congratualtions on your should be very proud. (Nov 20, 07, 08:22am)

Jeff Kolodny: Thank you, I'm so glad you hired me! Just wait until you get your proofs you are in for a great surprise. JK (Jul 31, 07, 06:27pm)

Amanda: Thank you so much Jeff, your creativity and skill are superb!!! You are truly in a class all of your own and because of you we can carry with us the beautiful memories of our wedding. (Jul 31, 07, 04:07pm)