fotoclipping: Very innovative photography. You really are great at capturing the perfect moments. Love the simple elegance of these beautiful warm light. It’s really amazing. (Dec 22, 12, 03:57am)

sheryl Bristo: beautiful wedding photography - class! (Oct 2, 12, 04:48pm)

Lydia: Your photography is truly in a class of its own. I love your black & White work. As a wedding photographer from South Africa, I really feel inspired looking at your work. Its art. Thank-you!! (Oct 2, 12, 06:05am)

Robyn Bell: Your photography is exceptional! (Aug 27, 12, 01:21pm)

Susan and Hershey: When we were looking for a venue for our daughter's wedding, the venue's displayed pictures of events that they hosted. Jeff, your pictures were the ones that always caught our eye. We are so happy that we can relive this wonderful evening over and over again. Thank you, Jeff! (Aug 23, 12, 06:55am)

Andre Blais: Great images! Thanks for sharing! (Aug 18, 12, 02:33am)

Fotograf Gliwice: The couple so enthusiastic, I think you did a great job as photographer, greetings from Poland, Andrew (Aug 9, 12, 07:29pm)

canvas prints: suxh amazing photos, looks like the best time of your life. (Aug 3, 12, 07:28am)

Hardy Klahold: I love the way you managed to capture the trees reflecting in that venue photo. Bravo (Aug 2, 12, 06:21pm)

JM: such amazing work! great job (Jul 29, 12, 03:54am)

greece wedding photography: one of the more interesting wedding stories I have seen in the last time.great work! (Jul 22, 12, 08:57am)

Lauren & Josh: Thank you, Jeff, for capturing such amazing memories of our wedding! We couldn't be happier! You and your team were a pleasure to work with and did a fabulous job! (Jul 17, 12, 09:08pm)

pixil studio: great bridal portraits (Jul 17, 12, 04:12pm)

Net: The pictures look amazing. (Jul 14, 12, 11:13am)

Kelly: Congrats to Lauren and Josh! Good job on the photos and keep it up. (Jul 7, 12, 07:19pm)

Linzi Etzion : Thank you Jeff for creating this wonderful memory of Lauren and Josh's wedding. Your work is fabulous and through your lens the wedding lives on. You created a collage of beautiful memories for all of us to enjoy. That is why great photography is so important at a wedding. Thanks again. (Jul 7, 12, 10:45am)