Alizeebridal: Wow,the bride is so amazing and beautiful!Hope the sweet couple happy forever! (May 23, 13, 05:42am)

Weddings on the Strand: Wow! That photo with the flowing veil is amazing. Poetic movement! (Sep 24, 09, 08:57pm)

Curtis Copeland: Wow Jeff! Another great photography session. You really captured this special day with style, and elegance. Nice work! (Sep 24, 09, 10:16am)

Stefanie & Bryan: Hi Robin & Jeff I was just sitting down at the computer to write a great big thanks for the fabulous package we received last night. As an exhausted teacher, I usually pass out early on Friday nights; however, I stayed up to watch the entire video and relive the day through all the pictures on the computer as well. I know you and Jeff must hear it often, but the work product, work ethic, helpfulness, and genuine care for you clients really stands above all else. After many emails and phone calls with Jeff over the past year it's no wonder as a team, you both really are the best. Many of my family members have already contacted me regarding his work. I look forward to many events in the future to hopefully have a chance to work together again. The blog is awesome, and now I'll send out my blast email so everyone can see :) I'll be in touch about the albums and all that other good stuff! Thanks again, Stefanie (Sep 19, 09, 09:53am)